a Taj MuttHall Dog Diary: Well, That's A Fine Howdy Do

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Well, That's A Fine Howdy Do

SUMMARY: Blogger finds a way to try to suck money out of me.
Blogger. It was free. They charged briefly, then refunded everyone's money. It was free and was going to stay free because Google bought them and they could afford to do that.

Then a few months back, they forced everyone to do blogging on their site. Before, you could use their tools but publish on your own site. So, for example, all my blog photos before that date are on the same service that all the rest of finchester.org is located on. All the photos after that are now forced to upload to Google's photo site, Picasa. OK, well, that didn't make me super happy, but what the heck, if that's what they wanted to do, that's fine.

It's now a mere 8 months later, and--well, lookie here--I'm out of space on my free picasa account and have to pay them if I want more! I really don't want to pay them. I'm already paying for a photo site (http://elf1.smugmug.com) and for my own hosted web site (http://www.finchester.org) and I really really don't want to pay for more space when I'm already paying for plenty of space somewhere else.

But that just means that I'm going to have to load my photos somewhere else and then manually insert the code for each one of them that I want to use in my blog.

That sucks. It takes a lot of time. Maybe that's why they think I'll pay them.


So I have two blogs lined up and partly written that involve photos. But--well--dunno what I'm going to do now. Guess refer everyone to my photo site.



  1. That DOES suck. Though I suppose we should expect that someone somewhere is going to figure out that we're addicted to blogging so they can try to use that to make us pay.

  2. I had the same problem. I was super annoyed. In the end I did buy more space, at least it didn't cost a lot. But still- annoying.

  3. It's been only 8 months, I think, so what I'm wondering before deciding is whether I'm going to keep running out of space every 8 months. Will have to take a look at what I've uploaded and what my options are, as soon as I have some time and energy to do it.