a Taj MuttHall Dog Diary: USDAA Weekend Quickie

Sunday, June 05, 2011

USDAA Weekend Quickie

SUMMARY: Tika successful, Boost not--but yes--but no--
Rain rain rain, all day Saturday. Bleah. Sun came out Sunday afternoon but the weekend ended in a downpour, too.

Tika amazed me once again by Qing in all 12 Q-able classes this weekend. In USDAA! She's such a good girl, fixing things that I screwed up (but I think got lucky on one dogwalk contact call). The odds in my agility career of Qing that often in anything, let alone that many USDAA classes, are nigh impossible. Won Jumpers, Standard, Snooker, Grand Prix, and Steeplechase round 1 on Saturday; won Steeplechase round 2 ($8 winnings! woo hoo), Grand Prix, and Team Jumpers on Sunday. Admittedly, the 22" Performance crowd was very small this weekend--only 4 to 6 dogs entered per class--but I'll take the placements!

The DAM Team Q completed her Performance Tournament Gold (at least 35 tournament Qs, with at least 7 in each of the three tournaments). In just under 2 years!

Boost picked up a Pairs Q (which completed her Relay Silver--25 Qs), a Standard Q--in which she managed to place 5th of 28 dogs (not a super fast time, but others had faults)--and had me in tears at the score table in frustration with her, myself, and her agility career after our first team class of the day Sunday, Team Standard...what is frigging wrong with Just. Taking. Jumps. In front of you!?! And then finished the last individual Team class this afternoon, Team Jumpers, by OMG running a flawless run and WINNING! Out of 24 dogs her height (22" class), three were as much as half a second faster but had bars down. This is the way it should be!--and had me in tears at the score table in joy at finally FINALLY having a really nice run with no bobbles, hesitations, or screw-ups of any kind on either of our parts.

And that, kids, is it before I go crawl into bed.


  1. Yeah, what Diana said! So glad both dogs gave you some pretty great stuff.

  2. Wow, huge congrats! Perfect Q's is not an easy feat.