a Taj MuttHall Dog Diary: Sad Ending for Rescue Belle

Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Sad Ending for Rescue Belle

SUMMARY: To close the loop.
I guess I'm glad that the beautiful dog I almost fostered didn't end up here on May 23 or 24. Here's the final word, posted on June 2:

I'm sorry to say that Belle lost her fight this afternoon :( The last blood test showed that she was in complete organ failure. I'm eternally grateful to and comforted by her foster home who showed her more love and respect than she had ever known before. They loved her so much that they've paid for her to be cremated so they can keep her close by them in the only real home she ever knew.

We don't know for sure [whether the abscess on her face was the problem or a symptom of another problem] because the vet didn't get a chance to do any more tests. He was concerned about cancer and leptospirosis, but we will never know now. Whatever it was it took her very quickly because her organs shut down in a matter of 36 hours. The abscess was definitely a big part of it, her whole body had become infected from it and she wouldn't eat because of the pain in her mouth. She was totally emaciated and had giardia on top of that. She just didn't stand a chance of fighting anything off, and I also think when the emergency vets over the holiday weekend treated her, her liver just couldn't cope with the influx of drugs.