a Taj MuttHall Dog Diary: Turlock, Here We Come

Thursday, June 02, 2011

Turlock, Here We Come

SUMMARY: USDAA Agility Weekend

In a couple of years past, the June Turlock trial has encountered high temperatures well into the 100s F (i.e., over 38 C). Who ever thought we'd be looking at weekend high temperatures 20 degrees below the average for this date? And with rain likely both days, when the average for this date is .01 inches and the historic maximum is .06? I'm hoping that means that the rain will be minimal and not disruptive.

I'd much rather have temps in the 60s than in the 80s (or more), believe me! But it's no fun sleeping in the minivan when it's raining, so I do hope there's not much of it.

The trial starts Friday evening with two classes, but I didn't sign up for those--we have 6 classes Saturday and 6 Sunday -- 7 (!) if we Qualify in the Steeplechase, and that's more than enough for me for a weekend. That's potentially 26 runs in two days. Should tire me out, for sure.

We'll have one each of all five regular classes, plus Steeplechase, Grand Prix, and Team (five classes). For Performance Team, Tika and Brenn are partnered once again as Here We Go Again; for Championship Team, Boost is running with Gustavo (of Team Small Dog) the little black mixed breed and AiniA (pronounced eye-ON-uh, don't ask me) the Border Collie, as "It Not Obvious A Saga?" -- heh heh, an anagram of their names (thanks TSD).

Except Gustavo has been diagnosed with an unusual physical problem that translates to oddball behavior due to the buildup of ammonia in his brain, and so they're just starting a whole new life for him with new meds and a new diet, and who knows what he's going to be like on Sunday. In theory, he'll be fine, because he's been mostly fine before and this should just make him better. But we just don't know yet. You can read about it on TSD's blog over the last couple of weeks.

And speaking of ailments: For me, the good, but weird, news is that the pains in my hips have greatly decreased this week. Maybe I just needed to tough out a strenuous hike (last weekend) to work the kinks out. Seems unlikely to have been what helped, but then again, who knows.

We had class this evening; Boost knocked some bars but not a lot, and the last run of the evening was a full 19-obstacle course and we ran completely clean, so there's hope. Tika, of course, was just a good girl all evening.

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend, whatever you're doing.

(Uzza wuzza all cute wif her widdle feets all gathered together--)


  1. You guys have a great weekend too!! Awww...Boost says MA!!! Stop with the camera stuff already! I'm sleepy!

  2. Good Luck and have fun! I hope the rain isn't too bad for you!!

  3. I'm glad I'm not the only one who loves dogs lying with their feet all together. Why is that so endearing? Have fun this weekend!