a Taj MuttHall Dog Diary: Saturday at Bay Team

Saturday, April 30, 2011

Saturday at Bay Team

SUMMARY: Tika all Qs, Boost all not Qs.
Tika is a good girl. I'm thinking she's slowing way down in the weaves, but I don't have a good objective way of confirming that. (Hmmm, maybe if I actually bothered to ask anyone to videotape our runs, maybe I could compare with some from a few years back. Yeah. In my spare time. Right.)

But a lot of our successes today were more by reason of other people having unexpected issues than simply by our own acumen.

Tika won Standard by virtue of being the only dog of 7 who Qed in that class. Her table down was verrrrrrry delayed.

She won Steeplechase Round 1 by virtue of otherwise fast & reliable dogs doing things like popping out of the weaves, not by our speed alone. Two sets of weaves AGAIN, and really, she did look slowwww to me in both of them.

She was 2nd in Jumpers by virtue of otherwise fast & reliable dogs having runouts and oddball things like that that they don't usually, not by our speed alone.

She was 3rd in Snooker because I got greedy in the opening after we'd already had a couple of bobbles and ran out of time 2/3 of the way through the 3-obstacle #7 in the closing.

But her gamblers win was all acumen ;-). Won by a huge margin yet again.

Boost should've had an awesome gamblers run, too, but that not-taking-obstacles-in-front-of-you problem got in the way.

Likewise in Steeplechase.

Likewise in Jumpers. Plus knocking the 2nd bar.

Standard, I don't even remember, but probably the same.

Snooker, knocked the 2nd red and I then couldn't remember which red I had already done and picked the wrong one.

And there went another day.

Weather was beautiful, friends were fun, like that.

And back for more tomorrow.

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