a Taj MuttHall Dog Diary: Busy Week, and Now Back To Our Regularly Scheduled Agility

Friday, April 29, 2011

Busy Week, and Now Back To Our Regularly Scheduled Agility

SUMMARY: Another USDAA this weekend.
Same time, same site. Different club. (I'm members of both and am, yes, working score table again.)

Have I practiced anything with the dogs?


We did have class Thursday night, and there were few enough students there that I ran both dogs. So we got a good workout and both dogs got some practice.

Remember how Tika cheated me out of my $15 (estimated) in steeplechase round 2 last weekend by exiting the end of the weaves and then leaving the ring to go sniff at something interesting? Well, we had an instant replay of that in class. TWICE. This isn't something I've seen in tika for years. I wonder what it means?

Boost knocked some bars, big surprise.

We all had trouble with 270s (270-degree turns).

Instructor noticed somethings that Tika has been doing on the contacts in class since just about forever (standing at the bottom in her perfect 2o/2o, sniffing for treats, ignoring me) and suggested some things to try to stop it. Not sure whether that's good or bad, since she does neither the sniffing nor the stopping nor even the 2o/2o in competition.

Boost's weaves were absolutely lovely in class. We even did a really nice rear cross where I had to hustle to get there. (We have a known issue with rear crosses.)

So--we'll see how we do this weekend. Weather should be nice. Friends should be nice. Dogs seem healthy. Time for early(ish) bed!

Hope you all have a lovely weekend doing whatever you've chosen to do.

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