a Taj MuttHall Dog Diary: Wild Flowers and Calm Dogs

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Wild Flowers and Calm Dogs

SUMMARY: Where the wild flower-things are.
Yesterday morning, I took only my little point-and-shoot camera and my dogs, expecting to do a brisk solo hike and to not see many wildflowers. Instead--tons of wildflowers and almost no hiking because I stopped constantly to take photos. And such a beautiful day! Dogs were a little bored but hike was uphill so they got a little workout.

I discovered that there are still lots of things that I don't know about the camera--that is, that I don't remember from one read-through of the user guide. How to set the exposure time in manual mode. How to pick a fixed focus spot instead of letting it pick its own. How to see what aperture and time it's picking before I take the shot.

Meanwhile--if you like puppies and poppies--the couple dozen photos that turned out ok are here.


  1. You're supposed to read the user's manual? I just point and shoot, which is probably why your photos from this weekend came out a lot nicer than mine. You got some really great shots, especially of the dogs.

  2. Loved the trail and the mysterious hiker...I liked the person in it for perspective..and the hint of mystery always is cool. ALso loved #15 (I think that was the #) of the poppies.

    Such beautiful flowers and dogs! We're getting snow. It's sort of pretty with the green grass. In an evil way.

  3. Snow again! Well, maybe spring will be long this year, too.