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Saturday, January 08, 2011

Taj MuttHall Year In Review: 2010

SUMMARY:  Agility statistics and observations for the year.

I did this last year, so I suppose it would be consistent to do it again.

Trials competed in: 13. Wow, a big drop even from last year (16), and wonderfully down from my high of 23 in 2003. So continued that progress towards Less Agility And More Everything Else.
  • CPE: 1 trial. I did this one because it was Bay Team hosted, I was working score table, and it was within about 30 minutes from home. I wanted to focus on USDAA. Now I'm thinking that maybe I should do more CPE this year, and less USDAA, to allow The Booster and me to have a few more successes and earn a few more ribbons. Heck, maybe someday she could get her C-ATCH. At least it would be *a* championship.
  • USDAA: 12 trials, one of which was only 1 day. (Same as 2009.)

Runs: 304 (that's weird--why is that much higher than 2009? Did I miscalculate last year?)
  • Tika: 155 (145 Qable*), 93 of them Qs (64%--that's pretty good in USDAA, I think!)
  • Boost: 149 (146 Qable*), 34 Qs (23%)
  • CPE: 16 runs, 14 Qs
  • USDAA: 288 runs (275 Qable), 113 Qs (many more runs than last year. I must've had dogs out a *lot* for medical reasons last year)
*Round 2 of Steeplechase isn't Qable, for example. And that's also the main difference in the number of runs between Boost and Tika for the year.

Tika titles earned: 
PD3 Performance Dog (= Perf. MAD) 4/17/10 Dixon
ATD-bronze Accomplished Tournament-bronze (15 Perf. tournament Qs with at least 3 in  each) 4/17/10 Dixon
PJ3 Perf 3 Jumpers (=Jumpers Master, 5 Qs) 4/18/10 Dixon
ARD Acc. Relay Dog (=RMCh, 10 Qs) 4/18/10 Dixon
AKD Acc. Snooker Dog (=SMCh, 10 Qs) 4/18/10 Dixon
AGD Acc. Gambler Dog (=GMCh, 10 Qs) 4/24/10 Manzanita Park
APD Acc. Performance Dog (= Perf. ADCH!) 4/24/10 Manzanita Park
LAA-silver Lifetime Agility Award--250 Qs in Masters and Tournaments spread across all classes 4/24/10 Manzanita Park
AJD Acc. Jumpers Dog (=JMCh, 10 Qs) 7/17/10 Carmel
ARD-Bronze Acc. Relay Dog-Bronze (15 Qs) 8/28/10 Manzanita Park
ASD Acc. Standard Dog (10 Qs) 9/5/10 Manzanita Park
AKD-Bronze Acc. Snooker Dog-Bronze (15 Qs) 9/6/10 Manzanita Park
AGD-bronze Acc Gamblers Dog-bronze (15 Qs) 9/11/10 Turlock

    Boost titles earned: 

    RCH-Bronze Relay Champion-Bronze (15 Qs) 2/13/10 Turlock
    MAD Master Agility Dog 4/16/10 Dixon
    SACh Standard Champion (10 Qs in Standard) 7/17/10 Carmel
    GCh Gamblers Champion (10 Qs) 7/18/10 Carmel
    TM-Bronze Tournament Master-Bronze --15 Qs with at least 3 in each of the 3 tournament classes 8/28/10Manzanita Park

    Class Q percentage
    Tika Boost
    Gamblers 64% 23%
    Standard 48% 8%
    Snooker 55% 20%
    Jumpers 65% 10%
    Relay 93%** 64%**
    Steeplechase 73% 23%
    Grand Prix 30% 0%
    DAM overall (3 tournaments this year) 100% 66%
    DAM individual classes (std/snk/gamb/jmp) 83% 25%
    ** In relay, faults don't disqualify you if you and/or teammate are fast enough to make it up in time. Hence, much higher Q rate for fast dogs who knock bars, for example!

    • Tika went from APD (performance championship, 5 Qs in each class and tournaments) in April to ALMOST APD-Bronze in November (15 Qs in each class and tournaments--just missing one Jumpers and one Standard Q!)

    • Tika again qualified for Nationals in all three Performance tournaments (Steeplechase, Grand Prix, and Team); as you know, for the 2nd year I opted not to go.
    • Boost qualified for the Nationals in Steeplechase and DAM Team.
    • Of Tika's 17 performance Snooker Qs so far, 13 have been Super-Qs. Percentages I'd only ever dreamed about in Championship!
    • Boost earned her FIRST-EVER Master Jumpers Q in April to complete her MAD... and actually managed a SECOND one in November. Who knows, maybe someday we'll also get a Snooker Super-Q.
    • Boost qualified in Steeplechase 3 times again this year--and for the first time, in one Round 2, actually placed and brought home a little tiny check.
    • Our collective Grand Prix Qs for this year, however, were dismal: Tika 3 for 10 and Boost 0 for 10. How come we can get Standard Qs but not Grand Prixs? I don't think the courses are harder than the Standards. (Well--hmmm, sort of: Boost 3 for 29 in Standard, Tika 13 for 29.)
    • Tika finished in the Top Ten in all four Performance classes this year! I am *so* excited (if you didn't already know). Final numbers aren't in, but with only a couple of weekends of numbers missing, she's 6th in Gamblers, 4th in Jumpers, 4th in Snooker, and 5th in Standard. (There is also a Top Ten for Performance Tournaments now; however, thanks largely to our dismal Grand Prix numbers, I don't think we'll even show up in the top 25 (not currently posted).)

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