a Taj MuttHall Dog Diary: New Year's Day in the Snow

Sunday, January 02, 2011

New Year's Day in the Snow

SUMMARY: A few photos.
Home away from home when I arrived Friday evening.

Then snow fell overnight.

So this is what it looked like twenty-four hours after the 1st photo.

Another view of their cabin. I'd live here!

This is what you'd see looking out through those windows:

Out and about, late morning. We weren't the first out in the beautiful new fresh 4 inches of snow, but pretty close.

Tika loves the snow.

(Not so much snow in her face--every time I threw the toy, it collected snow, so when she shook it, she got snow-face big time. Not popular with this pup.)

But she loves to run and play.

Although, after a couple of hours in the snow, she cleverly figured out that she could follow someone else who was breaking the trail.

Karey and Dan point the way. Dig watches their shadows.

Hey, look--it's 1:11 1/1/11!

Tika in the fresh snow out on the deck.

Boost, too.

We didn't really plan on coming up to the snow to sit in front of the computers (we each have our own here).

Really, we didn't!

Even grumpy Dig got excited, and she and Boost played wildly for about 4 minutes in the snow in the yard.

Tika, Boost, and Dig ran a wild game of chase around the front yard.

Heading out to destroy fresh fields of snow!

Beauty everywhere.

After and before assorted humans and five excited dogs pass through.

Wayyyy below us, a train passes under I-80 on its slow winding way up the Sierras.


  1. Quite a nice photo-journal!

    I notice that Tika was, in general, more interested in what you were up to (when you had your camera out) and Boost was more interested in playing with other BCs. What's up with that? :-)

  2. Looks beautiful! I love that ball toy in the snow, I have one that's been chewed to bits but it's one of the best I've found for playing in the snow.

  3. @Steph: Boost is generally not interested in me when there are other dogs running and playing. With Tika, I got lucky with only a couple of photos when she was looking at me.

  4. How beautiful! What a wonderful way to spend the New Year's weekend. Great "house in the woods" and I'd live there too!

    Thanks for sharing!

  5. wow! thanks for sharing the photos. What a beautiful place. The cabin looks incredible.

  6. Doesn't it?! I'd take it in a minute!

  7. Ooooh, I love these photos too!

    Weird, I play with the holee roller in the snow all the time (well, Walter does, not me ;-) ) and it never fills up with snow. Now I wonder if maybe it does but Walter shakes it out and I never noticed before?

    That photo of your friend in the yellow jacket walking the dogs on the road -- for a second I thought she was skijoring, with her arms out like that!

    Cooooool photo of the train! Such a romantic image, complete with winding river and so on. Love how you caught the front of the train with the lights and everything.

  8. It was pretty soft, cold powdery snow. Every time I threw it and Tika picked it up, it was full of snow, and every time she shook it she got snow in her face. That game didn't last very long.

    We talked a lot about skijoring this weekend, but noooo, we were hiking. In the snow.