a Taj MuttHall Dog Diary: Results Already

Friday, January 28, 2011

Results Already

SUMMARY: No cancer.
I got home from my afternoon meetings and there was already a phone message that my "nodule" is a completely benign "fibrocystic change" in the tissue. And that's that.

I guess I should rush out to the back yard and see whether my weave pole problems have been fixed that quickly, too!


  1. What a welcome relief to get this news before the weekend, I would think!

    LOL about the weaves :D

  2. Yaaaaaaaaay!!!! SO nice to get that kind of new quickly.

    Now, what about the weave poles? ;-)

  3. Nope, dang, weaves not fixed yet.

    Actually, as I said, I wasn't particularly worried about it, having gone through this more than once. Just this time I got pictures to bring home. :-)

  4. Phew! Happy to hear it's good news. I know it's a fairly common thing to go through (I've had numerous friends who've gone through it and it always comes up good news) but anything health related is always a bit worrying on some level.

    Now to fix the weave poles... If you figure out the cure for that let us know.

  5. Whew...glad it turned out OK...you had me worried.

    If weave poles were only as quickly resolved...

  6. Whew from me too and ditto what Amanda and Andrea said!!!