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Monday, January 24, 2011

How Many Points Does It Take? (Redux)

SUMMARY: USDAA Top Ten Points Required to be in Performance 22" Top Ten, 2005-2010

Still haven't found info for 2008.

2005 18 22 14 (9th pl 29!) 34
2006 21 20 18 24
2007 26 21 22 27
2008 ? ? ? ?
2009 30 28 30 36
2010 37 25 31 34

Why the huge jump in Gamblers points required from last year? Why the drop in Jumpers and Standard from last year?

Funny to note that Standard was so very high in 2005 and then dropped again.

I think that big jumps or high values like that have to be related to a largish group of dogs who dominate the class for that year. For example, maybe one year you have all the Top Ten from Championship 26" dogs dropping into Performance 22", and that first year in Performance they all do well, blowing away everyone else they compete against all across the country. Then maybe the next year most of them retire or take time off, so placements are more evenly spread across a larger number of dogs that year.

Orrrrr maybe clubs are offering a lot more Gamblers classes this year than last year.

Orrrrr the USDAA specifications for course design or judging change for a class from one year to the next.

And here's an interesting question: As the number of dogs competing drops (which might also be happening), does the number of points required go up or down? One could speculate that it would go up because the dogs that stick around tend to be the ones who do well, and they're less likely to be occasionally displaced by dogs who compete only occasionally. So they'd accrue more points in a year.

Fun to speculate, but really I have no idea.

Inquiring minds want to know why!

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