a Taj MuttHall Dog Diary: Mixed Weekend Ahead

Friday, January 21, 2011

Mixed Weekend Ahead

SUMMARY: Agility and hiking.
Aaaaaannnnnd we're off again. Very very early rising to drive 2 hours for a one-day USDAA trial in Santa Rosa. I'm likin' this one-day thing; do it every january. Not so much the early rising or 2 hour drive, but that's pretty typical for trials.

I've continued to have no ambition at all to practice, so we're going with exactly two class sessions (about 5-6 runs each) since our last trial mid-November and other than that no practice on anything at all. Could be interesting.

Because some of our trials have been losing money (fewer people/dogs participating? Odd last couple of years), the club has been trying to find ways to trim costs. For this trial? No masters placement ribbons! I am not a happy ribbon camper. I like my placement ribbons. Yes, I take photos of them, I keep them, I take them home, I hang them on my wall for a year. Grumble. But maybe with no practice we won't place in anything, anyway.

Then we're spending the night with my cousin in Richmond (about halfway between there and here) and getting up in the morning Sunday to do some off-leash hiking in Wildcat Canyon Regional Park, despite the threat of overwhelming quantities of ticks--they seem to be crazy bad in all the parks at the moment. I'm hoping we can do about 6 miles before packing up and heading home.

Where I've left my renter in charge of NOT eating all the birthday cake that my company had at today's meeting to celebrate January birthdays. (Mine among them; I took one large chunk home with me, after eating 2 very small chunks of this rich chocolate fudge cake with buttercream frosting at the meeting. Good thing I'm getting exercise this weekend!)

Temps are hitting record highs for this time of year (low 70s F, 20s C). Should be two beautiful sunny days after the early morning chill (low 40s F, 4.5ish C) and fog clear away.

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend.


  1. Happy birthday! I'm not sure if it's belated, or be-earlied, but happy birthday anyway! :D

    Hmmm, no masters placement ribbons at all? I could see that kind of sucking. I don't take Walter's ribbons anymore, but any time Lucy gets a Q (she has all of 16 to her name -- sigh) I definitely take her ribbons; it would kind of suck not to get the full set of Q+placement. At least there's still the Q ribbon though. I can understand it being hard times though and trying different things to make do.

    Record highs -- wow. Today we reached a high of -15 C ~ 5 F (-22 C ~ -8 F with wind chill). The saving grace was that there wasn't much wind. Tomorrow's supposed to be even colder, with lots of wind. When cold, I will picture you California people lounging around in t-shirts, picking mangos off the trees that border the agility field. :-)

    Anyway, hope you had a good trial; looking forward to the report.

  2. Birthday coming soon.

    USDAA requires that the club provide Q ribbons but not placement ribbons.

    5F high for the day. That's--like--cold. I am not jealous.

    And now, back to lounging in the shade of my orange trees in shorts and a tank top.

  3. High of -6F today (-24F with wind chill) :D

    Pardon me while I go make some hot chocolate!