a Taj MuttHall Dog Diary: Who Eats Better?

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Who Eats Better?

SUMMARY: In which we analyze our Christmas goodies.

So, really, who eats better, dogs or us?
These are the doggie treats Tika couldn't keep her saliva off yesterday:

"You will be begging your dog for a taste!" No fooling! *I* start salivating every time I see them sitting on the table. And get this:

There's no liver or pork belly byproducts or anything else dog-like in here. So the big questions are:
  • Why was Tika so convinced those were dog treats?
  • Can I eat one? I mean, they were a gift TO Tika and Boost from my cousin's dogs, not to me. Would that be thievery? Do I have to ask permission? I know Tika would want them all for herself given a real option.

Now, students, compare and contrast to the peopleie treats that Human Mom received:

Extra credit: WHAT peopleie treats did Human Mom receive?


  1. First one sounds like chocolate M&Ms, maybe? And #2 might be marzipan.

  2. First is regular (milk chocolate) M&Ms and the second is Almond Roca! MMMmmmmm.