a Taj MuttHall Dog Diary: How Do You Find Me? Let Me Count the Ways

Tuesday, December 08, 2009

How Do You Find Me? Let Me Count the Ways

SUMMARY: Search phrases that got people to click somewhere on my web site.

Finchester.org is my primary domain; it consists primarily of almost 7 years (!) of Taj MuttHall blogging (TajMutthall.org is a subdomain, in case you hadn't noticed), but its other main section is pages of information about my experience with hemangiosarcoma. There's also a little bit of other random stuff, but not much, really. So it's mostly Taj MuttHall.

My hosting company track searches that people do on the web, when they click on a result of the search that's one of my pages.

So, of the 500 or so search phrases in November, some make a lot of sense to come here:

  • various phrases with the word "hemangiosarcoma" (22) and other illness-related questions (30 or 40)
  • "taj mutthall" and "taj mutt hall" (5). But woe to those who came here while searching for "taj internet call" or "in what cartoon was a dog named taj".'
  • Searches for fellow bay teamer Rob Michalski and Wings the Tervuren, who won the Scottsdale Steeplechase (and whom I posted about briefly I'm sure), like "Robs Wings Steeplechase" or "Belgian Tervuren Wings Steeplechase" (15).
  • Searches for bellow Bay Teamer Ashley Deacon and Luka (won 2 Scottsdale finals and I've posted about somewhere) (2)--I'm guessing there were fewer searches landing on my site this year in part because I said less (maybe) and in part because they've won so much now, but Wings hasn't.
  • Assorted searches for agility course maps (14).
  • Requests for info about snooker (30), including "agility snooker for beginners", "border collie snooker rules", "how to play snooker in agility", and others.
  • "Crate games" in various forms (15); have mentioned these on multiple occasions.
  • Rachel Sanders running Aframe info in various forms (well over 10); did post a couple of times after doing her seminar.
  • "dam team names" and "dog team names", oh, cool, there's a potential fun web page to create!
  • "kate elliott wallpaper". OK I did one post that had her name and "wallpaper" in it. But why would someone be searching for Kate Elliott wallpaper?!
  • Geri Hernandez and Focus--I did post about that after her dog died suddenly. Many searches ended up here.
  • "coyote poop pictures". Yup, I really did post some.
  • "getting started photo chia pet sequence". Yup, I really did post some.
  • "alternate verses for there is nothing like a dame". Yup, I really did post some, but not sure they were looking for dog-agility-based lyrics.

Some things, however, amused or bemused me:

  • Why on earth was someone looking for the world's most expensive polo shirt? ("most expensive polo shirt", "expensive polo shirts",  "polo shirt most expensive", "why are polo shirts so expensive", and so on (20).  Because they probably ended up on my post about my USDAA semifinals shirt, The World's Most Expensive Polo Shirt.
  • "dog playground equipment", "dog play equipment", and similar (34). What did they find here that matched?
  • "what's going on with facebook" (3)
  • "mud mud glorious mud mp3" (3) (Yep, I posted a link to it at some point, but even I can't find it now.)
  • "candy" (2)
  • weaving flowers (2)
  • "there's a dog doing the limbo" (2)
  • "agua e vida or sierra club or amnesty international or greenpeace" (1) (yeah, they'll get a lot of that kind of info here. Not.)
  • "names of the dogs at Havasu Falls" (2). Well, isn't that interesting. I never thought to ask about any of their names, but I did post a bunch of their photos last year.
  • "free video sex", "self checkout should get a discount", "child exploitation at cirque du soleil", "purple christmas" (Hee hee hee), "unusual chairs", "poo diary", "squish the tunnel", "mongol horde costume", "how to play away in a manger in xylophone", "head for the hills paint color", "what are all the storms bad posture can cause", "scary things to do outside at night", "can a cat gnaw through wire mesh", "beth ann bonner nude photos"-- well, who knows what thoughts lurk in the hearts of web searchers!


  1. Wow. I have no clue what people are searching for when they end up at my blog. Would be interesting to find out! I can't even remember how I found you...probably from some other dog related blog, but I'm glad I did!

  2. Well, your web site was the 8th highest source of web site clicks coming to my site in November (not including search engines). So there ya go.

  3. Neat post! The polo shirt thing is hilarious. That person must have been like "What the!?" when stumbling across your site...