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Monday, December 28, 2009

Got Animal? Got Agility?

SUMMARY: Agility is not speciesist.
Agility was invented for dogs. Apparently dogs have such a great time doing it that all kinds of different animals want to get into the act. What did all the species of the world *DO* for entertainment before that fateful exhibit in England in the late 1970s?
Added these additional links January 4, 2010 (thanks, you guys, for the suggestions in the Comments on this original post):
Thinks I haven't found:
  • Pig agility (one pig doing one jump, not worth a view)
  • Snake agility
  • Ostrich agility
  • Other suggestions or links you've found?


  1. Bird agility? Iguana agility?

  2. Does a goldfish that fetches count? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YagxDKxbWWY&feature=sub

    I know I've seen a pig doing agility but I can't find a link. I've also seen a chicken doing agility on a Bob Bailey training video.

  3. Steph: Good call, Parrot agility, and bearded dragon lizard agility with entertaining side commentary in the background.

    Elayne: Chicken agility!

    (There might be better examples of all of these, but i'm going for (a) quick to find and (b) short.)

  4. That chicken was pretty good but the one I saw wasn't being lured. It did a small set of chicken sized weave poles all on its own as well as a tunnel and A-frame and I can't remember what else. They were even able to cue it to a particular tunnel entrance. I wish I'd gone to chicken camp when Bob Bailey was still doing it. And I can't believe I just said I wish I'd gone to chicken camp.

  5. I wish I'd been able to do Bailey chicken camp, too. They were amazing folks with an amazing background of animal training to draw on.

  6. Terry Ryan teaches chicken agility, following closely in the footsteps of Bob Bailey. Photos here: http://www.legacycanine.com/workshops/chicken-camps.html

  7. Also, goldfish agility: http://www.r2fishschool.com/

  8. Excellent! Thanks for the links. Guess I need to do an update to this page.