a Taj MuttHall Dog Diary: Boost Title Surprises!

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Boost Title Surprises!

SUMMARY: Boost has two new titles! Sort of--

Unusually for me, I am way behind in updating my run-tracking database. I just went back through my notes from this fall and discovered that Boost earned her Gamblers Master title back at the end of October! (That's 5 Masters Gambles.)

And that she earned enough tournament Qs this fall, including this weekend's DAM Team Q, to complete her Tournament Master title! (That's 10 tournament Qs, with at least two in each of the three.)

So she has:

Standard Master (5 Qs) plus 4 extra (one more for Standard Champion)
Relay Champion (10 Qs) plus 3 extra (two more for RCh-Bronze)
Gamblers Master (5 Qs)
Tournament Master (10 tournament Qs)
Snooker: 4 regular Qs and NO Super-Qs (needs 3 for the Master title)

Anyway, pleasant surprise to add those titles. And now really to bed.


  1. boost and wicca are like the same dog...lol

    i only need 4 Q's for my AtCh...three of those are in masters jumpers.... :o)

  2. Funny what different dogs need. I have a couple of friends whose dogs have something like Jumpers Bronzes in Masters but can't get out of Advanced Standard. I offered to exchange some of our Standard Qs for Jumpers Qs, but we couldn't agree on terms. ;-) Then of course there are the dogs who can't get Gambles. Or the ones who never get Super-Qs. (Boost is capable of it in speed, it's the execution we lack--mostly bars bars bars!) Ah, well, someday Boost and Wicca will get their Jumpers legs.

  3. Woo hoo! Congrats on Boost's new titles. Those buzzer-going-off-when-dog-is-midair-over-the-last-jump Gamblers are brutal, but hey she did the gamble! Gamblin' dog, that Boostie.

  4. Congrats on all your new titles. I lose track too and sometimes don't even realize I've earned one or that a title even exists until it comes in the mail.