a Taj MuttHall Dog Diary: Soooo Close On Top Ten, But Noooo

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Soooo Close On Top Ten, But Noooo

SUMMARY: Tika's injuries take us out of it.
With USDAA events entered through the end of November, Tika has dropped to 11th place in Snooker Top Ten and tied for 12th in Gamblers Top Ten. Because of her sore toe, we couldn't compete Dec 12-13 with a chance to pick up more Gamblers and Snooker points.

Not sure whether there's have been enough Top Ten points to push us back up in there even if we placed, but maybe. Ten dogs, that would be 5 points for a first place, 3 for a 2nd. 5 might have pushed us back into range, but the odds of us actually winning either or both were smallish--we've been doing 2nd place about as often. And of course many of the other dogs are likely competing in December as well, picking up more points. So, ah, well, it could've been our year. But at least--We'll always have Pairs.

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