a Taj MuttHall Dog Diary: Weight Just A Minute

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Weight Just A Minute

SUMMARY: Everyone's now on a diet.

Went to look up how much my dogs weighed most recently. Huh. Haven't weighed them in almost a year, since before last Scottsdale. Weird. Used to weigh them at least once a month. Wonder how I've not managed to remember to do it for 10 months? I often stick my fingers into the fur to feel the ribs and backbone, and I always THINK it feels OK.

But, look! Tika is 4 pounds heavier than her normal weight for years! That would be like me putting on 15 pounds! (Speaking of which--I'm *almost* back down to where I was last November after a couple of bad months in December and February.) No wonder she's slowing down. Poor girlie. OK, no extra quarter-cup of food in the morning for HER.

And Boost is up about 2 pounds. That would be akin to 7 pounds on my petite girlish figure.

My petite girlish figure. Wait! What's that on my neck?! Where's that smooth girlish neck I had yesterday?

Tika's petite girlish figure. Does this dog look rotund to you?

Of course you can't tell by looking! Because her fur is really dense and about 3 feet deep!

Boost's petite girlish figure. At least one of her sisters is about 10 pounds lighter, but I think this dog would dry up and blow away at that weight!


  1. I think Tika looks perfect--if she was just a regular pet. But asking them to jump and climb? Imagine if the Olympic athletes were at normal, non-athletic weight. They wouldn't be too fast, would they?

  2. Well, that's it. That's what I remind my vet every time he says "I wouldn't want her to get any lighter"...which he didn't say the last time we were in, recently, which should have given me my first clue. :-) Usually their scales are somewhat different from my scales, so I use my numbers for consistency. And I know how much difference it makes when I add even 5 lbs to myself.


  3. I have one vet saying JoJo and Gracie are fine and another saying they are way too thin. I usually keep them right in the middle of those two opinions. I have a really hard time keeping weight on JoJo. Gracie could gain 10 lbs. before I blinked if I let her.

    But you really can't tell unless they are soaking wet, right? :)

  4. Oh, it's me that needs to lose, big time! I saw pics of me today at yesterday's show n go. Don't ever want to see those again, yikes!!! What happened to the 30 year old 100 lb'er. Now that I'm nearly 50, is this the way it's going to be - pinching much more than an inch? Surely not!

  5. Scary how it just appears when you're not looking, isn't it?