a Taj MuttHall Dog Diary: Self Improvement (Or Is That Elf Improvement?)

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Self Improvement (Or Is That Elf Improvement?)

SUMMARY: Got to stop talking to myself. Keep telling myself that.

I blame it on the dogs that everything of interest that runs through my mind comes out my mouth. Inquiring dog minds want to know, you know? And maybe it was originally just to notify them that I'm on the move and it didn't necessarily involve tug of war. But why on earth would they or I care if I need to get more ice for my drink? Why do I have to say out loud "More ice for my drink" before standing up and going up to the kitchen?

I am becoming a little old lady who speaks aloud to herself all the time and yet says nothing. What of that? How do I stop now that it's become ingrained?

Here's my solution: I walk around the house and yard murmuring firmly, "Stop talking out loud. Stop it. Stop. Just STOP. You're doing it again, stop it."

Note to self. Stop it right now.

Think I'll go get more ice for my drink.


  1. I remind myself that the dogs do not yammer away at me all day long, and that in fact I would probably find it annoying if they did make an announcement every time they shifted position. Since we all care what our dogs think of us, and would hate to learn that they thought we were mindless, annoying yammerers, keeping that thought in mind usually stops me from excess verbalizing.

    They're just going to have to put up with my musical tastes though.

  2. hmmm...and I thought she LIKED to know what I was doing every moment of every day! Do you think she's just putting up with my verbalizing because I feed her?

  3. Could be, indeed. I think that's why they laugh at my jokes.

  4. But they both look at me, like they want to know. So I tell them...just feel it's courteous.

    And I bet your pups know what the word 'ice' means, since you've told them and all.

    Ok, gotta go, laughing and can't see with the tears streaming down...

    Good luck this weekend!