a Taj MuttHall Dog Diary: Leaving My Dogs Behind--Je Vais Aller au Montréal

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Leaving My Dogs Behind--Je Vais Aller au Montréal

SUMMARY: Business and pleasure. And no agility.

I will be leaving you all for a week. Might be able to log in and post some random things, but not sure yet. I'm flying cross-continent to attend a meeting/conference, which I'm looking forward to--meeting some people I've met only by phone, and being in the middle of discussions on plans for features for the next product release. And I'm hoping to get a little sightseeing done at either end of the week. Il faut pratiquer mon francais--- jeepers, is that even close to right? It's been so long--

Je manquerai mes chiens! (Right form of "miss"? Argh!) And, simultaneously, I'll be glad to have a vacation from them and their training and their exercising and their feeding and their fur everywhere.

And we'll hope that Boost's middle-of-the-night problems, whatever they were or are, will not reappear to plague my renter, who is taking care of the beasties for me. (My vet made it sound as if some kind of noncalcium bladder stone was a more likely problem than an infection, but we're sticking with the antibiotics and keeping our fingers crossed.)

And we'll rely on the fact that all those Québécoises speak English without a twitch and I can practice my francais only if I really want to.


  1. Oh, go for the French! From my high school French (30 years ago) I think you're going to be pretty much understandable. And they'll only laugh at you after you've moved on. I think! Have fun! Hey! even the pictured letters I have to type look sort of French: qsjviu !!

  2. Bienvenue (bientôt) à Canada! C'est pas mal cool que tu seras si proche. (Je suis à Ottawa.) Je suis certaine que tu n'auras aucun problème de
    communication. Au contraire, je suis vraiment impressionée de ce que tu viens d'écrire dans ton blogue. Mais, disons que mon grammaire en français est pretty pathetic so that's not necessarily saying much. Sérieusement, je crois qu'en général, les gens apprécient l'effort, même si ce n'est pas exactment parfait. Et, if all else fails, le "franglais" est une langue très connu en ces coins.

    Si tu espères évader les panneaux politiques en visitant le Canada, malheureusement cela ne sera probablement pas possible à cause que, commes vous autres, nous aussi sommes engagé dans une élection. (Notre premier-ministre semble aimer imiter son American counterpart.)

  3. A French comment! Way cool, and with the bits of English in there I can even almost figure it out! :)

  4. OK, I can read French way better than I can speak it or hear it, because to my surprise I figured out your whole comment. (Or at least I think I did. Who knows whether what I translated to myself is really what you said!). But it's a good thing I wasn't drinking a coke at the moment where I was studiously following along and translating your french and hit the "pretty pathetic", because if I had been, it would have sprayed all over my keyboard, and Team Small Dog knows what a problem THAT would have been.

    I noticed the election posters all over as we were coming in from the airport. Interessant.