a Taj MuttHall Dog Diary: How Many Trials?

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

How Many Trials?

SUMMARY: Just don't ask how much it all cost.

This last weekend was my 200th trial.
  • 106 USDAA
  • 54 NADAC and/or ASCA
  • 40 CPE

Taken another way:
  • 12 with only Remington (when I first started agility)
  • 66 with Remington and Jake
  • 6 with Remington, Jake, and Tika
  • 1 with Remington and Tika (Jake on injured reserve)
  • 69 with Jake and Tika
  • 11 with only Tika (while Jake was retired from USDAA but not CPE)
  • 1 with Jake, Tika, and Boost
  • 34 with Tika and Boost

Taken another way:
  • 6 in 1996
  • 7 in 1997 (broke foot and was out for months)
  • 10 in 1998
  • 11 in 1999
  • 14 in 2000 (back injury, continuing into the next year)
  • 17 in 2001
  • 18 in 2002 (skipped Nov/Dec with Rem's cancer)
  • 23 in 2003 (we all stayed healthy)
  • 21 in 2004 (I started vowing to cut back)
  • 20 in 2005
  • 18 in 2006 (knee injury/surgery kept me out Oct/Nov/Dec)
  • 19 in 2007
  • 13 so far in 2008, with only 2-3 more planned


  1. Wow! Looks like another full time job! But one you enjoy, so what the heck! I'm enjoying reading about agility through your blog, even though I don't always understand it all. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Oh, please ask questions! I get ideas for some of my more interesting topics from questions asked by other people, including those who are unfamiliar with agility, or with USDAA, or whatever.

  3. OK... here's something I've been wondering...I'll be doing beginning agility with my then 2 year old sheltie next spring. Until then, are there things I could be reading, or doing, with or without Katie? (the dog) Or would I risk doing things wrong and having to have her (and me) relearn or fix bad habits by next spring?

  4. Excellent question! See, I KNEW it would be good if you asked! I'll see whether I can put together some comments and resources in the next couple of days.

  5. Hey Ellen...
    there are some obscure things to be aware of with snooker. (I just checked the rules cause I thought they weren't covered, but they are)

    1) opening: 3 obstacle combo, allowed by judge in any order. Your dog does two, and then backjumps one you already did. Is there a way to continue, if so how?

    2) opening: Your dog does a red, then goes between the tire frame and the tire. What is the correct next behavior? Hint: same question if dog goes thru the broad jump not between the poles.

    3) Same as 1) but backjumps after doing all 3 of the combo. Is there any way to continue?

    4) Just to point out the confusment: same as 2), except dog misses a contact on a dogwalk/aframe, or flys off the teeter. Or knocks the bar on a colored.

    5) same as 2) except dog leaves the teeter before the descent.

    Most of these are understood by understanding what's a refusal.

    Except for the combo-performance rule, which is specific to snooker
    (right? I think?)



  6. Kevin--I reposted your comment under my Snooker post; will respond there.