a Taj MuttHall Dog Diary: Border Collie to the Rescue

Sunday, September 07, 2008

Border Collie to the Rescue

SUMMARY: A video with a surprise ending.

In which a Border Collie saves the day again. (From our trial this last weekend, at the ring where I was working score table.)


  1. So funny I was laughing out loud! Katie (my sheltie) is barking along with the tape. We had to watch it twice. Thanks for sharing!

  2. How great is that! Too funny!

    Another funny? We were at a trial that had a pretty busy road right near the rings. Just as we were getting ready to run GP, an ambulance went by. You should have heard the chorus howling. It was wonderful and so funny.

    Luckily we hadn't started yet and got to wait till it died down a little.

  3. LoL.... (floor rolling)

    that absolutely hilarious... watching it on live would be even funnier

  4. There was a NADAC judge (maybe still is--but I don't do NADAC any more) who used to bring his accordian to trials and start the morning with a sing-along agility song. Very funny. He judged at my first trial ever, under a covered arena, and when he started playing, Remington put his head back and howwwwwwwled. Everyone thought that was particularly funny.

  5. Ha! That could be a service the dog provides.