a Taj MuttHall Dog Diary: Aloneness

Sunday, September 21, 2008


SUMMARY: Being alone is not the same as being lonely.

I'm staying at a hotel (in french: hotel) within the Hilton domain. Sure, the linens are luxurious and the setting is more than comfortable (in french: confortable...see how hard this is?). But what I really have enjoyed in my first 12 hours here is being alone and relaxing in my own room.

I am very fond of my dogs, and they are quite integrated into my life. However, these aren't dogs who go off to some other part of the house to sleep at night. Or who open half an eyelid but then return to snoozing when I get up and start moving around. No, these dogs sleep on my bed, and in my face if I let them. And who leap to their feet, eyes bright, tails a-quiver, whenever I make the slighted twitch that looks like I'll be moving around.

I am never ALONE in my house.

I travel so seldom without the dogs--maybe twice a year or so--but I always share a hotel room with someone. This is so nice!

But today I give up my aloneness to step back out into the world-- I have ambitions to explore miles and miles of Montréal to make up for a day of mostly sitting. (I'd have walked up and down the airport instead of sitting and waiting, if I could have, but I unexpectedly had to check my rolling suitcase, and my computer and camera/purse bag were so heavy that there was no way I could stroll comfortably for any length of time. Ah, well.)

See y'all this evening.


  1. Have a great time exploring. I love exploring new places alone - get to do what I want, when I want, with no one to whine or complain about anything. Yeah for aloneness every now and then!

    What strikes me about Montreal every time I go there is the miles upon miles of tall blocks of homes with the long winding staircases on the *outside* of the buildings. Sure I could see that flying in warmer, snowless climes, but in Montreal, where they get lots of snow which inevitably turns into lots of ice...? Yoiks.

  2. Alone is a wonderful thing. And will make you enjoy the dogs even more when you get back! Enjoy!