a Taj MuttHall Dog Diary: Second Annual Chip High-Heat Ice Cream Wake

Friday, June 18, 2021

Second Annual Chip High-Heat Ice Cream Wake

SUMMARY: This could become a tradition

Chip left us last year, on June 17. It's been really hard for me this week.  

Also I can't believe that I've gone an entire year without  a 2nd dog. Zorro just turned seven last week, and for the last couple of months, he hasn't been so cavalier about jumping up into his crate in the back of MUTT MOVER. I have to do things to give him extra space or gear to help him get up. 

But that's a different story.

Last year, on June 18, Zorro and I headed down the street to Baskin Robbins to have some memorial ice cream in honor of Chip.  In 100+ degree heat.

I don't know why blogger accepts videos, uploads them, and then displays what looks like a control pane--but it's just a PIC of a control pane. And then says video not available.
Sorry for now, folks.

So, this year, we did the same. In 108-degree weather. And so is born, ta-da:

Annual Chip High-Heat Ice Cream Wake

Wasn't going to leave Zorro in the car while I got ice cream unless (a) I could park in complete shade and (b) Baskin Robbins didn't have a huge line.  Turns out, yes! Full parking spot in the shade, and yes! no one else at BR! Freaky.

And then all this happened.

Empty Baskin Robbins! In this heat?

Still wearing masks to be safe. Plus my buttons saying I'm not one of the unvaxed.

It leaked all over my hand just walking back to the car, no matter how fast I licked.
Had to keep licking to try to take photos.
Now my phone/camera is sticky.

Rest assured, Human Mom ate almost all the ice cream.

I was glad that I kept his crate door closed and latched, because right about then a huge Standard Poodle trotted up from behind us and tried to stick his nose into our business.
Zorro was not pleased.
Owners did not have him on leash.

Biting through the wires is strenuous!

Fun with animated gifs, part 1
Wagging tail, hard-working tongue
(from 6 photos; need to figure out how to crop it more betterz.)

That was TOTAL nom-nom-noms!

Took the rest home because in the heat it was liquidating beyond  control.
(Fortunately only 5 minutes away.)

The last bite.

Fun with animated gifs, part 2 (from two photos).
Guess who gets to lick the bowl.


I do have a history of drowning my dog grief (or sometimes celebrations) in frozen concoctions that help me hang on. (No--not margaritas--) .--in addition to 2020 and this year-- at least the followings:


  1. That looked delicious. I've never been brave enough to try any of the icecream in those bright colors. I'm really sorry about Chip, way too young, as seems usual lately. I, too, am surprised you still have only 1 dog. Though I have to say one dog is sooooo much easier than multiples. We have a favorite ice cream place on a dairy farm here. You get to eat your rapidly melting ice cream while wandering among the cows. There's a certain smell that just adds to the ambiance.

    1. LOL! Sounds--aromatic!
      I assume it's freshly made there at the dairy farm? Very nifty. Do they offer a lot of flavors or just simple like vanilla?
      This sherbet ... "Wild'n Reckless"... is near the top of my favorite flavors (certainly behind peppermint stick)--but on a hot day, ices or sorbets feel more cooling to me. And it tastes really good, although I can't tell you what it tastes like. Probably "sugar."
      ... Just looked it up. "A green apple, blue raspberry, and fruit punch flavored sherbet party. Fruit has never had so much fun."
      One dog: I'm so accustomed to 2 or more that just one feels awkward to me! It is true that, if I'm working on any kind of training or if one dog needs special treatment of any kind (e.g., medical, or exercise, or walking in public), it's helpful if they are both calmly obedient (one stays on their bed quietly while I work with the other) and don't have separation anxiety. Or if I give them food toys, with just one I don't have to worry about someone sneaking in and stealing the other's if I'm not paying attention.
      But I can tell from Zorro's behaviors and requests that he misses his play and hang out buddy, and I don't have the energy to do more than a little with him.
      That lack of energy or enthusiasm is one, possibly large, reason why I don't have a 2nd dog yet.