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Tuesday, June 22, 2021

The Happiest Day of Your Life

SUMMARY: Which day was it?
Inspiration: Facebook June 22, 2021

A friend asked: "What was the best day of your life? You cannot count the birth of your kids."

I thought for a long time.

I'm not sure that it’s possible to define that. It would have to be something so amazing that nothing like it has ever happened before and nothing like it has ever happened since. But that would be just kind of sad, wouldn't it? Just one day like that? 

But maybe I simply haven’t had astounding-enough life-changing moments. Such as suddenly being freed from prison after having been wrongly convicted? Or someone you loved dearly was presumed dead and then suddenly you found them? Winning a presidential election? Didn’t know.  Would those be the happiest day of your life or would they be merely be anticlimatic or a huge relief after everything leading up to it? 

How about ending up with a house full of bendy aliens? Oh--well--that's pretty fun, but over and over. 

I can think of many days or times where happiness and contentment welled up within me and stayed with me throughout the day:

  • Lying against a warm granite boulder in a sunny high Sierra Meadow next to a stream.(Picture me here (lounging and holding camera). Paradise!) 

  • Sitting on the grass at an agility trial with several friends and laughing so hard we couldn’t stop. 
  • Completing an important title in agility with one of my dogs that had been a struggle for us. 
  • Arriving at Disneyland. Spending time there. Even just strolling. 
  • Going on trips with my camera as companion and taking photos and just spending the time looking around and taking things in. 
  • Learning that I was accepted to the Clarion West writers workshop. 
  • Pulling off a successful surprise party.
  • Winning a debate in a competition against a top-level opponent. 
  • Watching an amazing sunrise or sunset with a lovely foreground as well.
  • Walking or hiking early, at dawn, with my dogs and no one else around.
  • Passing clever notes back and forth with a friend between classes as we walk past each other.
  • Rereading something I've written and realizing that it's very good.
  • Spending Christmas Day with my large family.
  • Solving a problem at work that others weren't able to.
  • Helping a dog learn something new and useful and cool and suddenly s/he gets it.

Once I started thinking, more and more things came to mind. Lots of happier-than-everyday days in my life. But I don’t know if any of the hundreds of days like that stands out from the rest. Which is fine by me: That means that I have had a steady influx of happy days over my many decades.

How about you?

  • When I completed my college degree. 
I are bachelor of science!
No more pencils, no more books...
Sister is also happy with me.

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