a Taj MuttHall Dog Diary: I Count 3030

Friday, June 25, 2021

I Count 3030

SUMMARY: I've blogged how many times?!
Backfill: date

Yesterday, blogger friend Dawn posted on her Change Is Hard site: Time Warp. In it, she muses on her history in blogging, and how in July of 2014 she had already posted 1500 times. Which got me thinking, which is always dangerous.

Like her, I have met many people through their blogs across the continent--reading, commenting, conversing, reading their comments on mine--and eventually meeting three of them in person, including Dawn. Seems so recent, yet that was 10 (ten!) years past. I need to jump into my Winnebago and start driving for more visits!

If only I had a Winnebago.

A friend's equivalent, when I visited in 2018

But I digress (as is my wont).

This makes my 3,030th Taj MuttHall post. Is it cheating to get to that number with a post about the number? I claim Not Cheating: All's fair in love and blogging.

3030 is a lot of blogging.  From my first post on August 5, 2002, when Remington earned his NATCH (his only championship), to the next post on August 26 in which Tika has her first-ever competition run and Remington exhibits sickness for the first time (won't know it's cancer for a couple more months), and I was off and running as a blogger of dogs and dog agility.

Not being one to miss an opportunity, I started rescuing text about my dogs and dog agility from old emails and Backfilling them into the blog-- for example, this post dated May 5, 1994, which looks like the first post, but I actually posted it on October 20, 2004  from an email from 5/5/94.   (Once upon a time I created the tag #backfilled for all posts that I've done like this--but I've never applied it to all the really old ones! Another blogger project for my imminent retirement.)

I don't know whether there is a way to count back to find my 1000th or 2000th posts, but I can count back using my fingers and toes and my fingers again to my 3000th back in April, discussing divesting myself of agility equipment, which dovetails nicely with the first posts in 2002, as it's where I'm really realizing that I'm transitioning out of agility. ...Probably.

Along the way, I also started posting about my past, my photography, my travel, my food (!so cliché), my family, health, hiking, happiness, my rewritten lyrics to songs or poems, and so much more. Invented my alias Human Mom (first occurrence in June, 2006). Created around a thousand tags (see sidebar). A real olio.

I'm not sure where this blog will head from here on out. Will I find a better way to tag or organize things? Will I start a different blog for travel, for photography, for humor...?

Unknown. But I hope to see you all here, there, or anywhere.


  1. I've thought about a new blog too, fresh start and all that. But I'm so attached to this one. You really are getting ready to start a new chapter in everything!

    1. Probably everything will continue the way it has been because changes require decisions and effort! Sooooooo lazy. Or busy. Or both.

    2. I can imagine the type of change you're contemplating (moving) would be SUCH a big decision and a lot of work...but kind of exciting too. I used to move about once a year when I was single, but it was only to different apartments, most of the time. Had one move to the UP and back six years later. All my siblings have moved across country, one of them more than once. I liked moving around, but husband only ever lived in 2 places and is a stay at home kind of guy. So we've been here about 28 years. Sometimes it makes me nuts. Other times it's OK. But we sure have a lot of stuff because we haven't moved in a long time!

    3. That is definitely a downside to staying in the same city, even. From my parents' house to an apartment maybe 20 minutes away to a townhouse across town maybe 30 mins from there, to a house maybe 30 mins from there, to a house a mile from there, to a horrid rental across town, but I didn't unpack most things that time, to here, again 20-ish minutes away.
      I always intended to move around a lot to different parts of the country or the world. We moved a lot when I was a kid and I both loved it and hated it. It's astonishing how much the 9 years difference between me and my youngest sister made--the house that my parents lived in for decades until they died is the only house she remembers, but I remember 7 different places before that.

      So, other than one school year in SoCal, about 5-6 hours away, and one school year in Berkeley, about an hour and a half away, that's it as an independent adult.

      So I'm excited and it also feels very very weird.

  2. I'm glad you're still a-blogging, 3,030 posts later! That really is an incredible amount of herstory here on your blog, pretty darn neat. I always enjoy seeing Taj MuttHall pop up with a new entry on my blog reader :-) -- signed, Mutts and a Klutz (my accounts are all messed up, please forgive the "anonymous" post)

    1. Wow, good to hear from you! I'm glad that notifications from my blog are getting out there and that you like knowing I'm still around. I'm glad that your online presence still exists, too. Photos or whatever.

  3. p. s. Impending retirement and moving, that is verrrrrrry exciting! Wishing you well through the new chapters that await. -- signed again, Mutts and a Klutz