a Taj MuttHall Dog Diary: Why Are My Legs Tired?

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Why Are My Legs Tired?

SUMMARY: Much hikeage.
I rose at the crack of sunrise today--always worthwhile when one has a nice view like this out one's back windows:

[note June 24, 2021: The original video broke because it was Flash. Ditto my replacement link from earlier. Today I uploaded it to YouTube and now I hope this lasts for a while.]

That was so I could toss the Merle Girls into MUTT MVR, drive up to Milpitas--about 20 minutes from here--and meet IN PERSON the famous Dawn of the "Dawn King" blog, all the way in from Michigan on vacation. For some odd reason she recognized MUTT MVR as we pulled into the hotel and greeted me hardly before I'd gotten out of the car. She was even nicer in person that she is in the blog, and that's pretty darned nice.
We ended up walking for about 2.5 miles from her hotel along Coyote Creek Trail, talking mostly about, of all things, dogs. You can see the route we walked here. (You can click the map options and choose satellite or hybrid view, and zoom in a bit.) We asked a couple of nice homeless-looking people to take our photo.
The rest of the photos I took are here. Then I had to take my leave to go home and meet up with another friend to drive up to Alum Rock Park and hike up into Sierra Vista Open Space Preserve. It ended up being just under 6 miles and 1300 feet elevation gain. That's a lot of up! (And back down, of course.) Here we are at the top of the world. Too bad it was such a hazy day and there were no homeless people to take our photo, so we had to rely on Mr. Self-Timer.
You can see the route we hiked here. (For some reason, there aren't satellite photos of the whole thing. But you can select map options of terrain, instead.) The rest of my photos are here.

On the way home, we stopped at the mall and had frozen yoghurt--mine had blackberries in it. (Thanks, Linda!)

I was home briefly, then got a call from my seester and her spouse, and they came and took me back to the mall, where we walked halfway around it to get dinner. Then back to the car, drove to the NEXT mall, and browsed in the bookstore for a while (standing up, of course). Finally home

Why exactly am I so tired?


  1. Gee, I don't know why you're so tired! It sure was great meeting you and the Merle Girls! Thanks for coming over and taking them and me for a walk! I had loads of fun! Home now. Very tired. Don't know why. LOL!

  2. I'm glad that you fit me in. I know how challenging it is to do everything that one wants to do on a vacation.

  3. P.S. I typed up the whole blog post and then my computer froze and when I restarted, it had only saved an early, partial version--the part where I typed Missouri instead of Michigan, although I had fixed it in my lost post. Guess I didn't catch it the second time around.

  4. LOL...I know you know where I live, and it didn't bother me to be from Missouri for awhile! You have to try to come here someday...we have those big Great Lakes and dunes and the whole Upper Penninsula that you'd just love to walk through. (well, not walk THROUGH the lakes, you know what I mean!)

  5. Yep, I'd love it! Especially if everything's as beautiful as your photos show them to be.

  6. You have a gr-r-r-eat view from your back window!!!

  7. Too bad the neighbors' trees keep getting bigger--

  8. 10 years!! I still wear that sweater and shirt!!!

    1. They are good colors for you, I think!
      I of course still have that t-shirt... and it is possible that I'm wearing those jeans today, although they have become my ok-to-paint-in pants and have worn thru or torn in many places.