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Wednesday, June 16, 2021

Zero Point Snooker Runs--the Epilogue

SUMMARY: I'll probably not compete again. Who knows. But, for now--
Backfill: Post & comment on Facebook, June 15-16, 2021

This is sort of an epilogue to Zero Point Snooker Runs from June, 2012 [hmm, my stats from that post don't match the stats here; there, I say *two* with Jake...].  I competed only another two years, and that last year, 2014, was sparse. But--here's my agility competition tracking database's info.

Posted June 15 on FB;
> Theory #1 from another discussion was that anyone who plays snooker is bound to get 0-point Snooker runs;
> Theory #2 is that no one else has ever gotten two 0-pointers on the same day with the same dog on different Snooker courses, like I did with Tika:

OK, those of you who play Snooker in agility, two questions:

1)  Estimate how many snooker runs you have done.

2) Of those, how many do you think have been zero points: A. At least one.  B. none. C. [Fill in whatever number you estimate you’ve done]

3) Have any of you had two 0-point Snooker runs on the same day with the same dog (on different snooker courses, not just reattempting the same one)?

I blame Julie Rice for taunting me into posting this!😉

A Snooker course. Snooker has three  (or more) red jumps worth one point (red flag). 
You have to start with a red jump, then take a non-red (e.g., the tunnel for 3 points). 
Er...you have to start with a correctly executed red jump.
So, if you knock the first one, you have to take a different one before you take the #3.
If the dog hits #3 after a knocked red, oops, all done.

I received several comments, including some people who've never had a 0-pointer, or maybe dogs with no 0-pointers, which astounded me. Until I looked at my own stats, which I posted in response on June 16:

Here are my stats (except for the last year or so [of competition]). Because, if I'm going to have kept track, I might as well use the info. Envy me, database mortals! 😉

  • 15 out of 530 snooker runs were 0-pointers 
  • 1 with Jake, 
  • 3 with Boost--2 comments that I thought her first bar stayed up-- 
  • the rest with Tika [who is still the #11 all-time USDAA Snooker P3 22" dog despite that]
  • None with Remington! out of 46 runs--but he did get one 1-pointer. (He hardly ever knocked bars and, if he did, he was slow enough that I could redirect him.) 
  • My comments on those 15 runs:
    • kn[ocked] 1st bar & I didn’t realize it soon enough.
    • kn 1st bar & I didn’t react
    • 1st bar ticked, thought it was staying up, fell as she took next obstacle
    • knocked first bar & I didn’t react quickly enough. A billion [people got the full points of] 51s...
    • knocked first bar and while I was stunned he went into next obst [Jake *never* knocked bars!]
    • set her up to go past 1 rather than over. Very amazingly stupid [Human].
    • Ran past 1st (angled) jump & into tunnel before I could stop her.
    • Knocked 1st bar & hit tunnel before I could stop her.
    • Tried to do angled lead-out pivot & she ran past first jump. Dagnabbit. But a nice SL[start-line] stay!
    • kn first bar & couldn’t react fast enough. Sigh. Nice SL stay, too
    • thought she had gotten 1st jmp and heard it fall just as she was making perfect wv[weave] entry...
    • kn first bar and I just quit crap
    • moved at SL so kn 1st bar, veered to right instead of “come” with me standing still & facing her
    • kn 1st bar.
    • kn 1st red & over next jump before I could move.

Tika taking a 4-point obstacle.
(Brown flag = 4 --flag colors are consistent no matter where you go.
MOST flags also display the number on both sides, not just one side.)
Color rules and numbers match actual billiards-type Snooker! (except agility has fewer Reds)

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