a Taj MuttHall Dog Diary: Zero Point Snooker Runs

Monday, June 18, 2012

Zero Point Snooker Runs

SUMMARY: Just for fun.

We were talking about that again this weekend--the infamous 0-point Snooker run. Some dogs never have zero-pointers in their whole careers. How sad is that?

I've told to death the story of how Tika got TWO 0-pointers on the SAME DAY (April 20, 2003--novice Snooker and Team Snooker--both jump-tunnel start where she knocked the jump and I couldn't stop her before she went into the tunnel). I have yet to hear of anyone else who has matched this feat.

In her career, Tika has done
  • 178 USDAA Snooker runs, 9 of them 0 points (5%)
  • 68 CPE Snooker runs, 1 of them 0 points (1.5%)
Jake ever did:
  • 69 USDAA Snookers, 1 for 0 points (1.5%)
  • 30 CPE Snookers, 1 for 0 pts (3.3%)
  •  44 USDAA Snookers, NO 0-pointers
  • 3 CPE Snookers, NO 0-pointers
 The Booster:
  • USDAA 3 of 124 (2.4%)
  • CPE 0 of 24
 How do your dogs stack up in their lifetime membership in the zero-point Snooker Club?

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