a Taj MuttHall Dog Diary: Off to Turlock Again

Friday, June 01, 2012

Off to Turlock Again

SUMMARY: Hot weekend; hopefully in more than just temperature.
Current prediction for Turlock's temperature for this weekend's USDAA trial is 92 both days (33.3 C). Has been worse. Could be better.

Not exactly sure why I'm going except habit. The June trial is usually hot, usually fairly small so no great Top Ten points (even if I thought Tika could get some), Sunday is only Team and neither dog needs team Qs, and although I love the people and the site, stilllllll, why did I sign up? It's so hard to NOT sign up for things that I usually sign up for. Ah, well, I'm sure I'll have a fine time.

It's actually a 2 1/2 day trial; I didn't sign up for Friday, which is the only masters Jumpers for the weekend--and Boost still needs those Qs desperately, and that's one of only 2 classes this year that I think Tika has a chance of being Top 10 in, maybe if we can hang on by a thread through the year. So we're missing that.

There is a Snooker on Saturday, along with five other classes, but signed Tika up for only 4 of them. At least Boost and I get another chance at a Snooker Super-Q and Tika gets a chance to fill in one of her missing 5 Snooker Qs for her Gold PDCH.

That would be about the only reason we're going, and if I had thought about it more a month or so ago, I might've backed out of it.

But I do like the teams I'm on; Boost with her half-sister Roulette and dog-friend Deenie--team name "BooDeeRoo"; and Tika with our long-time partner Brenn as "Here We Go Again" (again). Both Tika and Brenn are supposed to be retired from team now forever, but, what the heck, here we are doing it one more time. Always fun to team with fun and familiar friends.

Hope you all have a lovely and not too hot temperature-wise weekend doing whatever you're going to do, but that it's a hot weekend for you with some hot things to do and that you're really hot as in getting a lot of Qs for a change or maybe winning the lottery.

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