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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

A Dog's Age In Human Years

SUMMARY: A nice graphic.
There's no true correspondence between a dog's age and a human's age, and certainly not a linear one like "one dog year is equal to 7 human years"--for example, a dog could have puppies at 6 months, and that old adage would make it age 3.5 for humans. Huh-uh.

And so much depends on both the breed and the dog's size.

This is a nice one; don't know what data went into it, but it looks to me like a decent approximator.

(Per copyright on image, from Dog Owner's Manual--used with permission--although found on this site.)

According to this, Tika is around 80 (mighty dang spry for an 80-year-old, I'd say--but certainly as hard of hearing as, say, my dad around that age), and Boost and I are about the same age. Yay, us.


  1. Cool. So Katie is about 39...she doesn't act that adult. At all. Something to do with being spoiled I suppose.

  2. I know 39-year-olds who are still quite young at heart. Guess Katie's one of them!