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Saturday, June 16, 2012

Cool Top Ten

SUMMARY: A brief note about Tika's 2012 Top Ten standings.

Hope you're all cool and comfy while I'm roasting. Posting this in advance for your cool-saturday-morning pleasure.

I'm trying not to look at Top Tens this year, because our chances are so very slim at making it in again.

I've also decided not to do the Labor Day weekend regional this year, and for the past 3 years, that has been a big point-earner for us. This year, doubt it would be for all the same reasons that I doubt we'll be Top Ten at all.  And I'm SOOOOOOO thinking about doing even fewer trials this year after the big push the last few months. (Have you heard THAT before?)

But, meanwhile, it's kinda fun to look.

At the moment, in 22" Performance, Tika is:
  • Tied for 6th in Jumpers with 13 points (it'll take at least 30 pts to be Top Ten at the end of the year, but for the moment it's nice)
  • Tied for 11th in Standard with  13 points (it'll take probably 35 at the end of the year)
And of course we're a no-show in Snooker (can't even Q most of the time for some reason) or Gamblers (not even entering any more).

Meanwhile, according to the USDAA Lifetime Achievement Awards listing, Tika is currently the 126th all-time Qualifying-score earner.  As long as she looks happy doing it, we'll  keep on trying to add to that count.

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  1. Hope Tika (and you and Boost) are smiling tonight...