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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

USDAA Trial Coming Up

SUMMARY: More stats for this weekend's Woodland trial than you can shake a jump bar at.

  • Driving distance one way: 120 miles (193 km)
  • Driving time one way (est.): 2 hrs 5 mins
  • Gas cost yesterday: $4.09/gal ($1.08/lit ... did I do that right? By what measure do non-USers buy gas?)
  • MUTT MVR's average MPG for the last 3 months: 22.
  • Bridge tolls paid using Fastrak: $5 (northbound only)
  • Extra miles I could drive to avoid a bridge toll: 30
  • Amazing toll that people pulling a trailer will pay starting July 1:  $15 for one axle, $20 for 2. (Guess that's a good reason to buy a gas-guzzling motorhome instead. Stupid.)
  • Maximum freeway speed between here and there: 65 MPH (104 KPH) (or 70 the longer  route).
  • Maximum if you're pulling a trailer: 55. (Another reason to buy a motorhome instead.)
  • Average top speed by personal observation:  70 MPH.
  • Average top speed of people pulling trailers by personal observation: 70 MPH.
  • Event starting time: 7:45 briefings and walkthroughs; 8:00 first dog on the line.
  • Ending time (est): Sat, 5:00; Sun, 3:00
  • Set-up time required (canopy & crating, etc., walk the dogs...): 40 minutes.
  • Time to set on my alarm clock for Saturday morning: 4:20 a.m.
  • Forecast high temperatures: Saturday 99 (37.2 C), Sunday 99-106
  • Total runs for the weekend: 945 in 2 rings (this makes it a medium-ish USDAA trial for around here)
  • Dogs entered: 138. Includes 67  border collies, 17 australian shepherds, 14 mixed breeds (including one Craussie--yay, Tika!)
  • Older dogs competing: One 14-year-old JRT, one 12-year old Cocker, and three 11-year olds (including one Craussie).
  • Humans entered: 98.
  • Percentage of humans handling two dogs: 25%
  • Percentage handling 3 or 4 dogs: 7%
  • Most common dog names (2 each): Charlie, Lily, Neo, Pete
  • Runs I entered with my dogs: 20 (10 each)
  • Entry fees for one dog in all classes:  $144 ($148 C).
  • Work I will do all weekend to reduce my entry fees: Score table chief.
  • Classes I might not run Tika in: Gamblers (because her Q rate is so low), Grand Prix (because 6 runs/day with her in the heat is now probably too much)
  • Qs needed for titles for Tika:
    • Standard: 1 for Gold (35 performance Qs); chances this weekend: 2
    • Snooker: 4 for Gold; chances this weekend: 2
    • LAA-Platinum: 53 of any kind; chances this weekend: up to 10 (I sincerely doubt now that we'll get there, or that she'll still be competing at age 12. We'll see how the year winds down...)
  • Qs needed for titles for Boost:
    • For ADCH (stop me if you've heard this before): one Jumpers and two Snooker Super-Qs; chances this weekend: 2 each
    • Gamblers: 1 for Bronze (15 Qs); chances this weekend: 1
  • Where I will sleep: In  MUTT MVR at the fairgrounds.
  • What I usually have for breakfast: A banana and a high-protein breakfast bar.
  • What I will be hyper aware of this weekend after Elicia Calhoun's disaster (will post more about that eventually):

    This, from the "Live to run again" foundation, is on my driver's-side window:

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