a Taj MuttHall Dog Diary: Celebrating Four Years Together

Saturday, June 08, 2019

Celebrating Four Years Together

SUMMARY: Zorro's Gotcha Day (June 7)

On June 6, four years ago, I drove 3 hours up to the Sierra foothills into the relative boonies for Chip and me to meet "Luke" at the rescue who'd taken him in. I had fallen in love with his photo and his description. We met with him that evening and the next morning, and somehow he ended up in my car to come home with us.

Chip wasn't entirely convinced yet, but he wasn't entirely against it, either.
I eventually renamed him Zorro, and we've had our issues and also plenty of successes, but wow, my heart overflows with delight when he looks at me with those bright eyes and the big smile and says he's ready for anything, Human Mom, Teach Me Something! His tail always wags--when he's up and about, that little curled white flag never stops--he is one happy dude.

On our way home from that trip four years ago, we stopped to share ice cream.

So, two days before this anniversary, we shared ice cream again.

 (They did get a bit more gourmet peppermint stick ice cream than this before we were done)

And on the actual Gotcha Day fourth anniversary, we shared a jelly donut.

Zorro is impatient and has a huuuuuge tongue.
Chip tries to be delicate but is also in a hurry

The memories, and these photos, and these dogs, made me smile or laugh out loud.   Thanks for staying, Zorro.



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  1. I agree with Linda, Happy Zorro Day! He's adorable, as is Chip. Glad it all worked out with both of them.

    1. Me, too! I wasn't sure for a while, but I think they weren't, either, until they got it all figured out. Good boys.

  2. A great anniversary! We got our rescue, Idina,about 4 years and 4 months ago and our boxer almost exactly 5 years ago. They would not say no to ice cream ;)

    1. They are smart dogs! Happy assorted Gotcha Days for your pups!