a Taj MuttHall Dog Diary: Vantage Points

Sunday, June 09, 2019

Vantage Points

SUMMARY: Yardmasters must be able to see clearly to protect from squirrels and other evils.

Note: Haven't found a single photo of Jake up on the deck or a hot tub. Ah, well. All the other seven are represented here.

Zorro on the shelf attached to the deck
Chip in the same special spot

When one dog isn't enough! on that same shelf

On the bench on the deck

Tika, same deck, older paint job, looking under the bench

Boost, same deck, looking down at me through sliding glass door

Remington, like all of my dog, loved lying on whatever hot tub was available

Zorro, same hot tub
Chip, same hot tub
Sheba and Amber on hot tub from long time ago and far away


  1. These are wonderful. The spots must, indeed, be wonderful since each dog has chosen them. Love the shot of Chip and Zorro together on the deck.

    1. Me, too, thanks! The hot tub is dead and needs to go away, and then I think of all the dogs who have used it and who still use it and I hate to do it. But, well, sigh, this summer for sure it'll go. Maybe I'll look into a table of some sort that they could use instead. Tiny wood picnic table or some such. I'll see what goes on sale soon.