a Taj MuttHall Dog Diary: Things That Super Frightened My Pups

Thursday, June 27, 2019

Things That Super Frightened My Pups

SUMMARY: Brave dogs, scardey dogs

I'm talking about things that are way outside the norm, things that could flat-out terrify them.

Who What Notes
Amber Nothing that I remember
Sheba Loma Prieta Earthquake and aftershocks She'd lie on my chest for hours (45-lb husky), panting and shaking, eyes looking like she was going into shock. (Amber would just look up and go back to sleep)
Remington Smoke alarm testing He'd go hide in the farthest point of our long half-acre yard and not come out for ages
Jake Nothing that I remember
Tika Vet's office In her last few years, would give her a little sedative ahead of time to take the edge off
Boost Pet stores. Unfamiliar uncarpeted floors. Various other random things
Chip Thunder, fireworks O...M...G
Zorro Nothing that I can think of

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