a Taj MuttHall Dog Diary: Indulgence

Saturday, April 21, 2018


SUMMARY: We're gonna have ICCCCE cream!

Been feeling so sad lately about Boost and Tika. It's the time of year. Three years ago, Tika was recently gone and Boost will be gone in a couple of days.

I've been trying to stay away from sugar (well, except for some unfortunate incidents involving Easter candy), but yesterday afternoon I just couldn't stand it any more, plus I needed something to cheer me up.  So I decided to replay one of the excellent days from three years ago-- in June of that year, when Chip and I headed for the hills and came back with Zorro (known at the time as Luke).

On the way home back then, I stopped in a small town in a one-of-a-kind hamburger place for a hamburger--and they had ice cream cones! And it was a warm day! And so I got a cone. Ate most of it. Shared it with the new "brothers".  A joy, and a rare treat for the beasties.

So, yesterday... no, I didn't drive all the way back to that place... but I did drive down the street to here:

Yummmmmm-- my favorite sherbet! Colorful AND fruity!

If I'm going to share, better be a double scoop. Am I right?

Human Mom, whut iz GOT?! Is we getz owt of here? Walkiez meybe?

Do you see where I'm going with this?

No, seriously, I just sucked off a couple small bits of sherbet and ptooed them into the dishes.  Took a lot of convincing to get Zorro to look into his dish--too excited about having his door open--but when he finally looked...... ooooohhhhhh, yummm!  (Apparently cold ice cream doesn't have any particular odor, and hard to see into those no-spill dishes.)


So I sat on the bumper and enjoyed most of the treat, then offered first licks to Chip--he had no trouble figuring that out!

Zorro got second licks after I said that Chip had had enough.  Rather, let's say, Zorro got second lick, and then--really, this licking crap is for wusses!

Oh--and that's when Chip discovered the bits of sherbet in his dish. Happiness all around.

AND in case you were wondering... that's about the way it all happened in June of 2015, too.

My favorite--chocolate dipped! That part not for doggers.

Oooh, Human Mom, whut iz??

Lick lick lick

Little lick...

...annnnnnnnd CHOMP!


  1. Hey, you! Ah, I can relate... Walter passed two years ago this May. I still think of him every day and can see him so clearly in my mind's eye, picturing him in different situations throughout the day, which I'm especially grateful for as my general memory is terrible. Dem heart dogs sure have a way of, well, staying in the heart.

    Nice to have fun outings with your boys, making new traditions. Looks like they're all in flavour -- I mean, favour -- I mean, favor -- of this one! How am I not surprised that *that* particular kind of ice cream is the TMH favourite! (I mean, favorite! Eh!)

    p.s. I haven't commented on any blogs a long time, but still follow yours :-)

  2. Thanks. Yeah, whenever I think of Remington I often also think of Walter. The joys and sadness of knowing so many other dogs, eh?

    I hardly ever keep on on the blogosphere these days, but still periodically check my favorites to be sure you're all still there. :-)