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Tuesday, December 06, 2011

USDAA Weekend Is Coming

SUMMARY: What's going on.
No, I still haven't posted photos from the October or November CPE trials or the hikes I've been on or pretty much nuthin'.

Friday I'll be heading out of town for another 3-day USDAA weekend in Santa Rosa. Thank goodness first dog on the line isn't until 9 a.m.; I can sleep in a little later than usual (although it's a Friday, so I'll have to deal with morning commute traffic--uhhhhhh--maybe I can't sleep in a little later).

It's three days because they put Team on Friday. I really didn't want to use another vacation day that I don't have, but Tika just needs one Team Q for her Performance Tournament Platinum--that's 50 tournament Qs since we moved to Performance in mid-2009. Such a far cry from our youthful days in Championship (2003-2009)!

Our Qing percentages in the team events:

Steeplechase 29% 77% We almost always Q if we run clean. In Championship, our non-Qs were almost always knocked bars or ticked broad jumps. In Performance, hmm, she mostly stopped knocking bars and ticking broad jumps.
Grand Prix 62% 55% Her Q rate in Championship is higher because, until the end of 2008, you could Q with 5 faults. In Perf, hmm, most errors are obvious handling errors with random popped contacts (mostly danged dogwalk). Why I can handle steeplechase, which is much faster, but have problems in GP, dunno. 
Team 59% 100% Have Qed 9 out of 9 attempts in Performance. I attribute that primarily to the fact that Tika and her teammates are more experienced than they were in early championship, noting that the percentage is a little skewed for Championship--she Qed only once in her first 7 attempts and then 9 of her next 10.

AAAAAAaaaaanyway, that's 5 runs on Friday for team (Standard, Gamblers, Jumpers, Snooker, Relay), then Saturday and Sunday give us Steeplechase, Grand Prix, two Standards, two Jumpers, two Pairs Relay, and one each Gamblers and Snooker.

What I'd like for Tika (see also the "The Campaign" link above):

  • Team Q to complete her Tournament Platinum
  • Qs Qs Qs  towards her LAA platinum
  • For Top Ten, would just be nice to get a couple more Standard points and a win in Snooker. I still think that won't put us in the Top Ten in Snooker, but it's our only hope, Obiwan.
For Boost:
  • The usual Qs we're hurtin' for: Jumpers. Snooker Super-Qs, Grand Prix.
  • Nice smooth runs without refusals, runouts, or knocked bars.
And as long as we're looking at Q percentages, here are some for Boost:
  • Gamblers: 27%
  • Jumpers: 9%
  • Pairs Relay: 37%
  • Snooker: 21% (but SuperQs--only 1 so far ever, so 1.3% SQs)
  • Standard: 16%
  • Steeplechase: 17%
  • Grand Prix: 8%
  • Team: 37% (Only 1 out of 3 times, but not as bad as I had assumed)
The best news is that all the Merle Girls seem healthy and happy and ready to go. The second best news is that the weather is supposed to be mostly sunny and cool; good agility weather.
OK, now off to do errands, earn a living, and all that until early Friday morning.

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  1. Ok...this sounds promising all around! Have fun fun FUN!