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Friday, December 23, 2011

Taj MuttHall Year In Review: 2011

SUMMARY:  Agility statistics and observations for the year.

I did this for 2009 and 2010, so I suppose it would be consistent to do it again.

Trials competed in: 18. Wow, a huge increase from last year (13). My progress in Doing Less Agility And More Everything Else seems to have reversed itself and I'm on my way back up.
  • CPE: 4 trials. (Last year: 1.) This is because I decided I wanted to do more CPE with Boost as a confidence-builder for both of us, and because I decided that I want to try to finish Tika's C-ATE and Boost's C-ATCH so at least she'll have *a* championship. These will probably take us a year. (See the "The Campaign" link at the top of the page.)
  • USDAA: 14 trials. (Last year: 12.) Did a couple more this year in pursuit of Tika's Lifetime Platinum and Boost's ADCH. Figure these'll take us a year, too.
  • Next year--if I stick with The Campaign at an accellerated rated, it'll be up in the 20s again.

Runs: 380 (last year 304). Well, I wanted to do agility to help me stay fit. I don't know how much exercise walking and running a course *really* gives me, but at least if I'm doing that, I'm not eating.

  • Tika: 211 (198 Qable*), 138 of them Qs (70%, dang good, up from 64% last year, but is that because we did more CPE? )
  • Boost: 200 (198 Qable*), 62 Qs (31%, up a bit from 23% last year, but is that because we did more CPE?)
  • CPE: 78 runs, 60 Qs (77%; last year 88% but we did only one trial)
  • USDAA: 302 runs, 288 Qable, 129 Qs (45%; last year 41%, hmm, I guess the vague feeling that I'm doing vaguely better is a reality)
*Round 2 of Steeplechase isn't Qable, for example. And that's also the main difference in the number of runs between Boost and Tika for the year.

  • Entry fees: heh. Heh heh. Really I'm not sure I want to know this.
  • Tika Steeplechase winnings (in 12 Round 2 appearances): $105 ($6.75, $13, $0, $9, $8.40, $8, $8, $9, 0, $9, $16, $18
  • Boost Steeplechase winnings (in 2 Round 2 appearances): $18 ($0, $18)
Tika titles earned: 
date org title title full location
10/30/2011 CPE ExST Standard Extraordinaire (30 Level C Qs) Santa Rosa
11/26/2011 CPE ExFH Full House Extraordinaire (30 Qs) Elk Grove
11/26/2011 CPE ExJP Jumpers Extraordinaire (30 Qs) Elk Grove
2/12/2011 USDAA PJM-Bronze Performance Jumpers Bronze (15 LEvel P3 Qs) Turlock
4/8/2011 USDAA PSCH-Bronze Perf. Standard Bronze (15) Dixon
4/23/2011 USDAA PGCH-Silver Perf. Gamblers Silver (25 Qs) Prunedale
5/1/2011 USDAA PTM-Gold Perf. Tournament Gold (35 Qs) Prunedale
5/1/2011 USDAA LAA-Gold, PRCH-Silver Lifetime Achievement Gold (350 Masters, P3, and Tournament Qs), Perf. Relay Silver (24 Qs) Prunedale
8/27/2011 USDAA PJM-Silver Perf. Jumpers Silver (25) Manzanita Park
9/4/2011 USDAA PKCH-Silver Perf. Snooker Silver (25) Manzanita Park
9/24/2011 USDAA PSCH-Silver, PDCH-Silver Perf. Standard Silver (25 Qs), Performance Dog Champion Silver (25 Qs in each of the 5 classes and in tournament) Turlock
11/13/2011 USDAA PGCH-Gold Perf. Gamblers Gold (35 Qs) Turlock

    Boost titles earned: 

    date org title title_full location
    6/4/2011 USDAA RCh-Silver Relay Silver (25 Masters Qs) Turlock
    9/25/2011 USDAA SACH-Bronze Standard Bronze (15 Qs) Turlock
    3/19/2011 CPE CL4-R Level 4 Standard Santa Rosa
    10/30/2011CPE CL4 Level 4 completed Santa Rosa
    10/30/2011 CPE CL5-F Level 5 Fun Games (Full House and Jumpers, 5 Qs each) Santa Rosa

    Class Q percentage

    Tika Boost

    Full House - 100% - 100%
    Wildcard - 83% - 67%
    Colors - 100% - 67%
    Gamblers 64% 86%14% 86%
    Standard 53% 100% 17% 89%
    Snooker 56% 60% 32% 20%
    Jumpers 67% 67%7% 50%
    Relay 81%** - 50%** -
    Steeplechase 92% - 15% -
    Grand Prix 67% -17% -
    DAM overall (5 tournaments this year) 80% - 60% -
    DAM individual classes (std/snk/gamb/jmp) 50% - 10% -

    ** In relay, faults don't disqualify you if you and/or teammate are fast enough to make it up in time. Hence, much higher Q rate for fast dogs who knock bars that disqualify them in other classes, for example!

    Lifetime Standings:

    • USDAA, 415 Masters, P3, and Tournament Qs. Needs 500 for her Lifetime Platinum.
    • USDAA, 51 Performance Tournament Qs, which would be her Pf Tournament Platinum except that we blew the last DAM event of the year so we still need one more DAM Q.
    • CPE, has 4315 points of the 5000 needed for her C-ATE.

    • USDAA, 104 Masters and Tournament Qs. Someday she'll get to 150, which would be her Bronze Lifetime, except that 15 of those have to be Jumpers Qs. 
    • USDAA, needs only two Super-Qs and two Jumpers Qs for her ADCH. (Considering that she has only ever gotten 1 of the former and 3 of the latter, this is proving to be very challenging.)
    • CPE, needs only 9 Qs in various things for her C-ATCH (championship). I feel confident that we can do that because (a) there are no super-Q requirements and (b) there are no refusal or runout faults and (c) she can still Q in Jumpers with one bar down.

    • Tika's USDAA Q percentages are up from last year in Standard by 5%, in Jumpers by 2%, way up in Steeplechase by 19% and Grand Prix by 37%, don't know why. Down in relay by 12%, I think because *we're* going offcourse more often, don't know why. Snooker and Gamblers % are the same, but obviously the Snookers are lower-placing because we dropped out of the Top Ten running for this year with the same percentage of Qs (and more of them because we did more trials). 
    • She earned five Grand Prix vouchers for Regional Finals (you earn them by winning a local Grand Prix) after never earning ANY before in her entire agility career.
    • Tika again qualified for Nationals in all three Performance tournaments (Steeplechase, Grand Prix, and Team); as you know, for the 3rd year I opted not to go.
    • Tika also qualified for a bye into the Grand Prix Nationals Semifinals. 
    • Boost's USDAA Q percentages are down in Gamblers by 9%, up in Standard by 9%,  up in Snooker by 12%, down in Jumpers by 3% (because we got 2 last year and only 1 this year!), down a bunch in relay by 14%, down in Steeplechase 6%, and up in Grand Prix (from 0% to 17%). All over the place. Hard to say whether we really have a trend anywhere.
    • Boost again qualified for the Nationals in Steeplechase and DAM Team and again not in Grand Prix.
    • Boost earned her FIRST-EVER  Snooker Super-Q.  (Now we're permanently stuck needing 2 Jumpers and 2 SuperQs for our ADCH.)
    • Tika finished in the Top Ten in three of four Performance classes this year, missing Snooker--our Snooker game just collapsed this year for no apparent reason. Final numbers aren't in, but with only a couple of weekends of numbers missing, she's 3rd in Gamblers (last year 6th), 1st in Jumpers (last year 4th),  and 7th in Standard (last year 5th), and *maybe* 11th in Snooker (4th last year).
    • I competed in my 250th trial in November. That's a lotta getting up early!

    Biggest issues at the end of the year:

    • Table: When younger, had a pretty fast table. Has been getting slower and slower to lie down; at this last trial, we barely made course time after a slow down and then the next day she never did lie down at all.
    • Dogwalk down contact: Sometimes she runs through it beautifully (she's supposed to run quickly to the end and stop, like she does in class). But more often she's slowing wayyyyyy down and then either creeping into the yellow zone or flying off right before the yellow zone.
    • Oddball things happening on course--the staring. The walking through tunnels. The heading for an obstacle and turning back to me. Keeping me wondering about hearing and vision.
    • She might be starting to drop bars more again, which haven't been much of a problem since we moved to Performance. Need to go through and do some detailed counting on that.
    • No problems with weaves (although sometimes even slower than normal), start line stay, Aframe (having conceded that she does a running Aframe).
    • Big surprise (not): Knocking bars. I don't think it's getting worse or better.
    • Big surprise (not): Refusals and runouts. I don't think its' getting worse or better.
    • Weaves: They seem to have fixed themselves again earlier this year and are staying fixed, almost no pop-outs or missed entries.
    • Disappointing: Coming off the side of the teeter. Working in that direction on the dogwalk. I've been emphasizing nose touches at the end of the board at home and in classes and  I think we're improving this. They were such good contacts for so long, hoping that this is fairly easily repaired.
    • No problems with start-line stay, Aframe usually good but sometimes releasing herself early.

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