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Thursday, December 29, 2011

Christmas Redux

SUMMARY: December Photo Challenge.

Every month, Karma issues a photo challenge. I sometimes pursue it because it gives me a different perspective from which to shoot (thinking outside the brain, as it were). Dawn, who has posted her own results, kindly pointed out that my quick snapshots from the last couple of days's posts have pretty much covered the December challenge. Really, I meant to get around to the challenge any moment now, but--well--I'll take Happy Coincidence (I'm not going to call it "cheating"). So I'm repeating my apropos photos here, with a couple of extras:

I wanted to try the nifty technique for photographing lights described in this post of 10 Creative Tips For Capturing Memorable Holiday Photos.

I try to take a photo of the family Christmas tree every year; I have always loved the variety of ornaments that my family prefers (over, say, carefully matched colored globes). Here are some others from previous years.

Not only is my niece reading a card, but my mom's traditional display of cards floats on the stair railing behind her.

The morning after Christmas, it was a little chilly for San Jose--Boost didn't notice the frost covering the lawn, but I sure did.

In order: A bouche de noel purchased by one sister; frosted sugar cookies that I made this year because I've missed having the ones my mom used to make when we were kids; fondant candy made by another sister, which is another holiday tradition.

Nineteen of us gathered Christmas afternoon for too much food and the exchange of gifts.

Bonus: show me the winter holiday of your choice
In case the preceding photos aren't enough:


  1. What a happy coincidence, Ellen! I'm so glad you decided to put this post together. Your treats are absolutely fabulous looking. It looks like you had a wonderful, family-filled holiday. Thank you for participating in the photo hunt!

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  3. Awww...how nice, I'm glad you put this together! I love seeing your family all together. Your Mom reminds me a lot of my mom, though I don't think they look at all alike. It's more the 'feeling' I get when I look at her...she's just so much a MOM! LOL. Hope you had a wonderful Christmas, looks like you did, and that you have a great New Year too!

  4. @Dawn: I often get that feeling when looking at photos of other people's parents! Funny, yeah, look nothing alike but maybe just something about the years of, well, experience.

  5. Great photos! (Those treats are making me hungry!)

  6. Happy New Year Ellen, glad to have met you this year! Give the girls a pat for me, OK?

  7. Dawn: Ditto, and how! And tell Katie woof!