a Taj MuttHall Dog Diary: Snow or No?

Friday, February 25, 2011

Snow or No?

SUMMARY: Probably no snow. And dogs are bored.
Dogs being bored has a large part to do with the weather. I've been overly busy, but also, not as many walkies because on days when it's a steady dreary rain, I haven't felt like walkies or parkie/frisbees; on days with that steady rain, the yard is a muddy mess and I don't want to go out there; and class has been canceled two weeks in a row due to inclement weather. Two weeks! We can only hope that next week will be OK.

Tomorrow we're going to spend a couple of hours over at the fairgrounds helping with a mini agility demo for a Pet Expo. It'll be indoors. Good thing, because it's supposed to be quite cold overnight and tomorrow morning.

I mentioned a couple of days ago that we're expected record lows for the date and maybe even sea-level snow. Because the Santa Clara Valley slopes gradually upward from the SF Bay, I'm at about 150 ft, so my odds are slightly better than for, say, downtown San Jose.

Now they've backed off a bit; more like maybe snow below 1000 feet, mayyyyybeeee down to 500, mayyyyyy.......beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee..... snow flurries below that. So I'm thinkin' I'm not going to set the alarm periodically through the night to see whether there are snow flurries. Temperature has been freezing (with frost on the ground) every morning, but the predictions here don't look as cold as they've been saying, even though it is SO rare (as in I don't ever remember seeing it before) to have "snow" even mentioned in the weather predictions for San Jose!

Tonight--snow flurries in the 10:00 hour, but not getting that close to freezing (which is 32 F).

Tomorrow morning, snow flurries in the wee hours and cold but not super cold.

If there is actual snow when I do wake up, rest assured that there will be photos!


  1. LOL! Well, it's not like we don't have snow in places. But only in places where there's *usually* snow. Like, I-80, the only real option for getting through the Sierras from CA to NV, was closed for several hours today because of avalanches, rockslides, and blizzard-like conditions. The Interstate! Still, it's *supposed* to snow in the Sierras. But san jose?!

  2. No, this just simply will not do. Snow does not play any part in my picture of you and your friends lounging around in tie-dyes, snacking on fresh-picked papayas.

    But it sure would be cool! (uh, no pun intended?)