a Taj MuttHall Dog Diary: Almost Wordless Thursday

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Almost Wordless Thursday

SUMMARY: Not quite Wordless Wednesday.
Inspired by Johann the Dog's Valentines Day photo mosaic, I downloaded the app they recommended, AndreaMosaic (versions available for windows & mac. Can be very slow to run. Must have patience).

Fed it the 6000-+ photos in one of my photos folders, then gave it a photo of Tika (this one that I used recently) to reconstruct as a mosaic using my photos.


(I didn't attempt to weed out oddball ones, as you'll find when you notice that it used many copies of my photos of a curtain-rod bracket, a couple of cartoons, and a USDAA accumulator sheet to fill in the white and light gray areas. Someday I might build a different database of photos that are just dog-related and try building photos from that. I just suspect that the color scheme will be a bit limited--mostly gray, white, and green. :-) )

You can click it to see a larger version and some of the detailed photos within it, or download the full-sized version.


  1. How fun!!! It does take a while and I too want to limit the photos because of redundancy, but really is too cool!

  2. Super cool!! Technology is an amazing thing. I just don't get how this so totally works!

  3. So cool! I'll try this once I'm home.