a Taj MuttHall Dog Diary: Ah, Yes, February in San Jose

Sunday, February 06, 2011

Ah, Yes, February in San Jose

SUMMARY: Already, spring flowers!
The temperatures this weekend are supposed to be near-record highs for these dates. Unbelievable, given the 2,000-mile-wide snowstorm moving across most of the rest of the country, including Arizona and some southeastern states:

(Photo from NASA on this page along with more info on the storm. Composite January 31 photo with helpful state borders added.)

And YET, it really is still winter, and the danger of overnight frost remains. It's not TOO surprising that, on Friday, I saw the first yellow buds on my daffodils, and those few finally popped open Saturday.

But I was blown away Friday when I noticed that one of my roses, still mostly bereft of leaves, has put out two bright pink buds. And on Saturday, they were also happily opening.

Yep ahhhh, there's a lot to like about living in San José.


  1. Yay! Spring flowers in February! I have a clump of daffodils blooming out back. I haven't yet gone out front to check on the patch out there.

  2. Even more are blooming today!

  3. Flowers in February! Wonderful. Even if viewed from way over here under a snow drift.