a Taj MuttHall Dog Diary: Not Just Another Pretty Face

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Not Just Another Pretty Face

SUMMARY: Bay Teamer Best at Westminster
I'm not a big fan of conformation shows, although (a) I love going and looking at all the dogs, and (b) all the breeders I know personally are conscientious and responsible about how they're breeding their dogs. Still, even I know that winning Best In Breed at Westminster is a Really Big Thing.

So how fun is it when a fellow Bay Teamer, who also runs her dogs in agility, wins? It is complete fun! This just shows that performance dogs can also be pretty faces.

Here he is at Madison Square Garden, free stacking--Benny the Border Terrier--known in the royal social circles in which he hangs as BIS GCh Surefyre's Benny And The Jets, RN, JE, CGC, V.
And I loved Connie's comments about her experience and their future in agility, and she said I could share:
I was mesmerized at the celestial moment, when my boy Benny strutted into the loud huge crowd filled arena in New York, after winning Best of Breed at Westminster. Standing in the light of the Garden in front of millions on TV that night on the green carpet, he free stacked and posed...there he was...My Benny...my eyes filled. I am his breeder, his dog mom, and most times his handler. (This gig,it was Mr. Wornall who handled him. What a wonderful job he did,also!)

"It's a language our hearts speak when we see beauty and when we appreciate all the work, feeling, love and sincerity that is behind it". The one special moment etched in time and the world stood perfectly still as he stood proud in his free stack.

He is now going to start his agility career and we will no longer be standing still. HELP! (giggle)

So now we'll find out whether he lives up to the Jets part of his name! Go, Benny!