a Taj MuttHall Dog Diary: Special Delivery Dogs

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Special Delivery Dogs

SUMMARY: More box work for 52 Weeks for Dogs
Here's my week 2 photo of Tika for the 52 Weeks for Dogs project.

And just so that Tika didn't get ALL the treats, Boost had to demonstrate her expertise, too. (Note that she's sitting on the edge of the box. She usually sits down in the box, but she has to be turned 90 degrees to do it and just didn't quite get there this time.)


  1. Izza wuzza-wuzza-wuzza puppies!

  2. Adorable. And just the best "in the box" dogs I've ever seen!

  3. I got the giggles from looking at Boost. In your picture with the hats and this one of her in the box. She certainly has that drama going on by the expressions on her face while Tika looks happy doing anything. I have a Dobermann that gives me looks like that and a lot of others. I call her my DoberDiva. I enjoy your blog.

  4. Thanks! My dogs make me laugh on a regular basis which is good to make up for the times they drive me crazy.