a Taj MuttHall Dog Diary: Good News/Bad News

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Good News/Bad News

SUMMARY: To start the year running, I've got good news and bad news. And more good news. Etc.

Gratuitous dog photo: Dogs love riding in the car around the neighborhood when they don't have to be in crates.

  • Good news: My house appraised for much more than I thought it might in this market.
  • Bad news: That means my property taxes will keep going up, not down like so many other people's.
  • Good news: That might mean that it's a shoo-in for my refi application to go through. Just waiting to hear when closing should be--I think--

  • Good news: Paid off the last 73 cents on MUTT MVR last week!
  • Bad news: It's wayyyy overdue for its xxx,000 mile check-up.
  • Good news: Passed its smog check again.

  • Good news: Tika has been running around like a lunatic without her bootie and no signs of a sore foot. Ran her two runs (jumpers courses with weaves) and she was fine. Haven't tried contacts again yet.
  • Bad news: She continues to look, every once in a while, like she's sore for a few minutes or more.
  • Good news: It goes away again. But I wish I knew--our next trial is in just under 2 weeks, and she's signed up for a day of agility.

  • Good news: Boost loves doing agility.
  • Bad news: In class last week, after we've done virtually no agility for 3 weeks, she popped out of the weaves EVERY time at the 10th pole as I moved away from her. Instructor said, well, I had to support in in N following ways, and I was maybe rude and said, no, I don't have to, this is why we practice weave distractions down to the bone at home until I can't get her to pop for any reason.
  • Good news: When I finally just picked her up, carried her off the field, and put her away until the next run--then the next time, she did the weaves all the way through.

  • Bad news: Shattered tooth down into the root. Happy New Year! The dental surgeon I had to go to to get it excavated said I didn't *quite* win the prize for the most pieces of tooth to be dug out.
  • Good news: Didn't hurt before, hurt afterward more than I had hoped but less than I had feared, and only for that first evening, and it's been fine ever since.
  • Bad news: I dread finding out how much an implant is going to cost. No dental insurance.

  • Good news: Doctor says, Those things? They're harmless. They're called ruby spots (cherry angiomas).
  • Bad news: Yeah, you'll probably keep getting more. Yeah, they can get bigger.
  • Good news: Can burn them off with liquid nitrogen. [Like warts, I guess.]
  • Bad news: THAT's not a fun procedure. And it can scar. Either way, I'm going to end up looking like a giant polkadot by the time I'm 100.
  • Good news: Remind myself: they're harmless.

Tika sees another dog while on leash:


    1. Good news: The "good news" far out numbers the "bad news."
      Bad news: There are far too many "bad news."
      Good news: There are plenty of opportunities for more "good news!"

      Was your busted tooth a molar? You know that you can have the substrate (BioOs or other brand) packed in at the time of the extraction (mine cost $400), then wait (at least 6 months for the bone to regenerate) while you save up the money for the implant, right?

      That's what I'm doing... waiting till I can afford the implant (whether from just getting a job or a job-with-dental-benefits). My mouth has finally adapted to not having that tooth there, so waiting is no longer a problem. At first I thought it was going to be an issue, but now I'm not sure I need to get the implant.


    2. Well, I didn't get anything done at the time of extraction & am going in to see my dentist today to talk about what's next. It is visible when I grin broadly, so yes I'm going to have to do something about the gaping hole.

    3. Read the wikipedia entry on cherry angiomas and though it was interesting they don't know the cause because of "lack of interest!" Geeze, you don't even have an INTERESTING problem! LOL!

      Does seem like you've had your share of problems interesting or not lately though. Hope the refi is problemless! Is that a word?

    4. I like it: Add "problemless" and "problemfull" to my vocabulary list.

    5. Wait. You're just adding "problemless" and "problemfull" to your vocabulary after all that kvetching about "ginormous?"

    6. When did I ever kvetch about ginormous?

      P.S., Dentist says because they had to do so much digging around to get the tooth out, needs to regrow bone on its own for he's guessing 2-3 months before they can drill in and set the first part.