a Taj MuttHall Dog Diary: 52 Weeks for Dogs, week 1

Tuesday, January 05, 2010

52 Weeks for Dogs, week 1

SUMMARY: A photography challenge

I've been accepted into the Flickr group 52 Weeks for Dogs. The challenge is to post a different photo of the same dog every week for an entire year, stretching your skills as a photographer, because there are SO many dogs and SO many photos of them. Fellow agility blogger Many Muddy Paws got me into this; Mutts and a Klutz are also new members this year. They've stopped accepting people with Border Collies this year because there are so many already! But I'm going to use Tika this year in any event; she's getting on in years (well--9 in February--) and I think I tend to take more photos of Boost.

Here's my first week's photo:


  1. What a sparkly, happy dog-beast!

  2. that is a really great first photo. i don't think i've seen a photo of her with such a soft expression.

    it's amazing just how big the 52 weeks group is- it has more than doubled since last year!!!

  3. Thanks for the comment. It IS a huge group--I can see why the moderators wanted to keep it small. After working my way through a zillion photos already from the first week--and that was only on Mon & Tues--I'm realizing what a time sink this could be if I wanted to comment on most of them (which I really wanted to do, SO many nice photos and although I don't know a lot I did have some suggestions I could have made). So I have to pick & choose which ones I really want to spend time on. Add this to Facebook time and blogging time--whew! What about Hiking? Agility? And oh yeah work? ;-)

  4. I totally hear you about the potential time sink thing. (BTW I don't know how you manage it, working from home and all. Thank goodness Flickr and Facebook are banned sites where I work...) I spent several hours yesterday evening going through and commenting on all of the photos that had been posted. My brain was totally fried after that. I was dizzy, seriously. Later on I saw a post from the moderator somewhere that emphasized that we don't have to comment on every photo (I knew that, but wanted to nonetheless...) and that really, it's okay to just comment on the photos that move you, speak to you, or otherwise grab your attention. So now I've decided that's the approach I'll take.

    Gonna be a fun project!