Thursday, January 21, 2010

Gotta Love Those Microclimates but How About Jump Bars?

SUMMARY: How much did it rain in San Jose yesterday?
  • 2.2" per my rain gauge (south san jose).
  • 1.1" South San Jose per newspaper (not sure where exactly).
  • 1.33" San Jose airport (7 miles north).
  • 2.9"  Rolling Hills School (6 miles west).
  • 3.38" Los Gatos (8 miles west southwest).
In any case--wet. And the rain continues today. Good news is that the smaller reservoirs are now full or more full; biggest ones are creeping up on half full. Will still need more rain this year to get more runoff to feel that we're safe on water for the coming year (after 3 years of drought).

I'm debating setting up a jump in my living room and doing some close-in bar-knocking drills right there on the carpet. Not enough room for a running stride, but from a standstill to a hop over the jump, yes.

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