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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Photos Photos Everywhere and Not a Dog In Sight

SUMMARY: Sunday, and also Havasu inside out.

What the heck, we drove to Monterey on Sunday afternoon. It was a very bad day for traffic. We spent about 2 hours in Monterey and about 4 and a half hours on the road. Very bad day for traffic. Dogs stayed home. Seagulls didn't.

It was overcast but glarey down there. Completely foiled my snap-and-shoot camera; not a single shot came out sharp and clear. But that didn't stop me from posting about 15 of them with the usual commentary.

Meanwhile, my dearie sister had an opportunity to receive a Free Abandoned Homeless poster of Havasu Falls, which she gave me to inspire me before my trip last May, but which has been languishing in a forgotten room since then. Sunday, we pulled it out and at first I thought that someone had taken this lovely shot from a cliff that I didn't have access to, no fair! No fair! But THEN--oh my--we realized that the poster photographer had, in fact, visited the Havasu Falls with Alice through the Looking Glass! Poster:

My photo of the falls--hmmm--:

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