a Taj MuttHall Dog Diary: Last of the Grand Canyon Photos

Friday, July 18, 2008

Last of the Grand Canyon Photos

SUMMARY: At last, I'm done with Day 7!

It just took forever to decide with of the California Condor photos to include and which of the snowy Grand Canyon photos to include. I'm done now. Take a look if you want. Includes bonus taxidermy in case Team Small Dog is looking.


  1. The photos are great and I don't think the ones of the condors are as bad as you say. It's amazing even to be able to see one let alone get a photo.

    I think I went 5-10 minutes down the Bright Angel trail then decided 'my knees, my knees' and turned around. I was still rehabbing from knee surgery and had USDAA Nationals in a couple of day so didn't want any mishaps. We did take a longer hike down one of the trails near the main west entry gate but I can't remember the name.

  2. Well, thanks for the vote of confidence on the condors. I guess i just feel that I ought to acknowledge that they're not ideal photos rather than just saying "here are cool condor photos!" and wondering how many people are thinking "what a dork, can't she see that they're blurry?" Just my own worst critic, maybe.

    Quite a few years back I walked down, I dunno, maybe 15 to 30 minutes? It was February, the weather was cool but gorgeous, it seemed absolutely trivial going down and back up. With no pack, no water, so a very light load. Now having done the other, I'm thinking that I might still have to try to get all the way down to the Colorado River somehow someday. We'll see.

  3. We were in the Grand Canyon the 5th thru the 11the of January 2008 and we got really great, full on snow pictures of the south Rim And got about 20 minutes of video of a Condor in flight, the birds tag number was 34. Might post some here at another time. We also got video of 5 elk and another video of a family of mule deer, we even got them jousting!
    Great time!

  4. I've seen only photos of the GC in snow and it's gorgeous with the white on the red rock. Lucky you!